February 16, 2008

Its been ages I got tanked!

Posted in Uncategorized at 4:38 pm by RJ

Its been a month, I have turned into a good-health-know-all kinda guy and people are against it šŸ™‚ Ah-haan my high-protien low-carb diet says it all with my current structure and would-be 6 pack abs!! LOL….no I am not so much inspired by OSO, its the panting that kills me while taking the WTC concourse. I am no fruit loop to not give that my attention and quickly approached Sandy for a quick turn around. Advice taken, tips exchanged, membership acquired, here I am 6lbs down in 6 weeks – how cool is that!! (Shaiwal – This is what a baby elephant could do..LOL..you and sonal are the best!!)

Shankar, my wtf roomie joined me in this new excercise routine. Determined as I was, he could give in his wine tasting habits pretty quickly than anyone would imagine. We moved from roasted to toasted to baked, white to wheat, oil to olive and believe it or not – we moved almost every junk we could!! Dubukku Talaya – thanks for all your help.

Meanwhile, in my workplace I have been giving lunch time lectures to Raman, Gargi and Chait on protein bars, soya beans & fat free food. Raman’s jonezing for anything fatty has eventually reduced – more than his determination it was my mental torture, I guess.

Guys apart from work and working out, I started off this new blogging account, chatting in tamil with a few friends and drinking loads of water. Lets all eat healthy, get healthy and be in a healthier place!! Like I have been saying off lately “Its been ages i got tanked – I quiet like it”

P.S I am planning to add authors to this unconventional, uniquely, crap-talking blog website please nominate yourselves.