March 11, 2008

Fitness tips for no grits

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Being fit is like dogs bollocks – having said that, to be fit always takes the hell outta you. What does “being fit” mean to you? For me being fit WAS fighting 10 people single handedly, running a marathon, being fearless, wearing a athletic fit tee, showing off your body..until I realised how immature can I get? So what the heck does “being fit” mean?

Being fit to me means, to be able to eat everything you crave, till you are gone. The mantra is simple – Eat less to eat longer. Ahhh..this is not a health-fitness blogging area, its just me as a fitness freak and 6 down in 6 is quiet a story :). Allow me to add a few tips that helped me to reduce the phat and those who don’t care fank you! (Russel – are you reading?)

This is a grandma’s recipe, very effective as always. Take a dose of honey+hot water empty stomach, early morning, every morning (yeah…even on saturdays & sundays..huh). Usually bodies have a natural tendency to expand (as in EXXPPAANNDD) for heavy eaters, the honey works against it. It will make you look thinner. Folks, try it out for nothing!

70% of the fat is caused by the evening munching or should I call “snacks”. The text-book definition of a snack is “a light, quick meal eaten between, or instead of, a main meal” . My definition of a snack is “anything that is loaded with fat, absolutely unnecessary and a lazy substitute for a healthy meal” . Snacks sure are tasty, but then anything tasty is nasty. How many of you can connect to this bit of the entire day? A quiet morning, hard day at work, reach home loaded with rats and hog on anything thats edible (waffers, chips, burgers, left-over pizzas, soda, mac ‘n’ cheese, beer on a hot day..damn absolutely anything!!…yummy and then damn….tummy!!). Like everybody , how do I get of this habit, sing a song?, dance? play games nothing helps when you are “HUNGRY hungry”. This ennui seems to kill me slowly.

So I decided let me keep it simple – Subsitute the snack with something healthy and tasty. Fruits..hmm..maybe is a option..cereals..hmm..not again…just had a bowl in the morning..protein bars…wow..yes protein bars. Protein bars are flavoured, 0 fat calories, low calories and loads of proteins. Another platinum option is chyawanprash (none of my relatives work for dabur & I dont own the shares!). Frankly speaking folks, chyawanprash which is good health+resistance power helps loads.

More simpler day-to-day tips would be having fresh lemon juice with your lunch with less sugar, fast walking for 30 mins, avoid lifts, avoid S&B, less oils, burn 1/4th of the calories you consume through cardio exercises.

This may be a cliche` health/fitness regime but this is the way it works. Success does not happen in isolation; it is a participatory process (Freeda – thanks!). Post your good dieting practices, ideas and knowledge because “Success breeds success”.

I gotto jet now to do evening munching aka a protien bar and banana.

Eat healthy, think healthy & stay healthy coz’ healthy is the way to be.
~RJ (the weight-watcher)

P.S a post for weight-gainers should come out pretty soon. Keep watching this space!

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  1. Shveta said,

    Nice tips RJ! Miss ya – lets play cards;-) with Ruben!…chuchkoo!

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