March 14, 2008

A copacetic beginning

Posted in Uncategorized at 1:48 am by RJ

Firstly, guys I am chuffed with the kind of response I am getting for my fitness tips – thanks a million bunch. I would much appreciate if you start using comments or the newly added “Vox Populi” element in the page.

Secondly, most importantly, I am taking my 1st kick-boxing classes today at NYSC and pretty excited about it 🙂 I did a bit of karate in school but kick-boxing sounds cool. Everybody is with their wooleries as partners and me with my wtf roomie Shankar!! huh (kiddin’) Let’s see how it comes along.

Till then post me comments about stuff you would like to read and see in my blogs. I am working to make the site look more dank, informative and for 8 to 80 which means more space i.e. more information and cool gadgets i.e. more fun. Part of the process is to get in touch with friends who love to write their views on topics they know the best (I insist, their views!! – so its gonna be new, never read, exciting, controversial, debatable, gossipry). Here are few topics I could think – your comments are most valuable and I would try to fit one and all but for now the mantra is “LESS IS MORE”. (Thanks Mirza/Darshan/Shankar/Bro for agreeing to write and Kurt for agreeing to be commenter. Russel – still to get a confirmation..huh!!).

  1. Entertainment News – Bollywood
  2. Cricket
  3. Politics (India, US, World Politics, Office Politics)
  4. Soccer
  5. Charity
  6. AAA – all about apple
  7. Technology
  8. Movie/Music Reviews
  9. Self – Improvement
  10. Health
  11. Marriages
  12. Education (Post graduation / Certification)
  13. Parenting
  14. Foodies & cookies

…….yadi yadi ya…..ooops…I am running late for kick-boxing..folks keep thinking healthy…post the comments……subscribe to my blogs…make this your homepage…eat, live and think about “the-connexion” :). Over & out.



  1. Neetu said,

    Its sounds great to see YOU indulging into soemthing like this. Otherwise Raja can be a freak but not for fitness. But now if you can do it with so much of conviction then i am sure ppl reading your bolg would get some motivational tips. I must admit even i am one of those. Good initiative dude and nice way of clingling with friends.

  2. Shveta said,

    I agree with Neetu. I get tips too now-a-days!! Yo RJ – I am impressed after enough trying!

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