March 20, 2008

Can’t wait for the weight!!

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Some quick updates before I chat with my friends who are anxiously waiting to solve nettlesome “cant wait for the weight” syndrome.

1. I attended my second kick-boxing classes yesterday and for a neophyte my jabs and upper-cuts were super fast and super-rhythmic. Shank and me are very ebullient on the kb day! Also reminds me of the new Indian peng šŸ™‚

2. This post is coming up a bit late coz’ I have been busy adding a new link to “the-connexion” (work in progress) – its gonna be called “Poetic Arcana”. This page would mainly focus on the arty side of all of us. To kickstart this page, I would be posting all of my lyrics/poems written to not accomplish the dreams of a wannabe rockstar during my college days, not so long ago. (anybody interested to be an author on this page send me a quick note)

3. We have two new authors politicio & kurt. Politicio as the name goes is all about politics. I have known this author personally for more than a year now and I am sure we would have some wonderful postings on US politics and occasionally other topics. Kurt is our in-house commenter but has agreed to post some soccer, F1 bulletin. An ardent Chelsea fan, it would be some fun to read his soccer bulletin vs. Sporty Shanks’ (MANU follower) Ahem! all the soccer fun here!!

Thanks for your contribution fellas & welcome to “the-connexion”

Sagar has been asking me questions like “Yaar, weight badane ke liye kya karoon? kuch uske baare mein likhna” (Dude, how do I gain more weight? Write something about it.) This has been a common question among my many “blow & fly” looking friends. Over a recent coffee conversation, Shveta told me, “I have been eating like hell these days – everything from MacCheese to burgers to za – nothing really works on me. Why is that?” On the other hand, folks like Ashok live by the mantra – Eat till you gain!! Grrr..too callow!

Gaining weight is the goal. I believe, a goal starts with a desire, the desire translates into a long term commitment and eventually advances into action. Trust me folks, gaining weight is as tough and painful a process as loosing weight. Its not faster and definitely not an overnight process.

Let’s jolt down the answer to the most common question? “Whatever I eat I am still thin – why?”. Firstly, ask a question to yourself: Am I thin? Or do I feel I am thin? – Do I have numbers which say that or am I genuinely under-weight? Often, this is a confusion.

The key ingredient to weight gain is adding calories. Put in a habit of looking at the nutrition facts and importantly the calorie numbers. We are just adding calories to our diet and not fat calories. Another misconception people believe in is consuming lot of fatty foods will help them gain weight. NO – it helps in gaining fat and cholestrol and these items are a big NO NO.
Count in the calories you consume today and start by adding 500 more to it.

Its a gradual process & its gonna be a gradual increase. Carbohydrates are rich in calories and we should make sure our daily diet is consumption of 70% carbs, 20% protiens, 10% fats. The plan is to add the right weight without adding fat calories. (Shveta – somebody busting your chops!)
Another tip would be to change the 3 regular meals & 1 snack routine to 6 smaller meals and 2 snack routine. One of my trainers told my friend when asked about gaining weight – keep munching the right food at the wrong time too!!

Do not stuff up consuming non-caloric drinks e.g. diet coke etc. Last but not the least, the myth is if I workout I would stay thinner – bullshit! Exercise is a must at all times, all ages. Just remember to consume more calories than you burn. (You guys can eat almost everything – make sure you dont add fats)

All you thin folks, eat heavy at all times is the mantra. Dont stress out too much – laze around!!

And my smoking friends – happy early death! Quit today – isn’t it shameful to be taken over a habit?

Stay healthy guys,


  1. kurt said,

    I still remember my college days, when i used to have six packs & would always play soccer without my jersey, that way i could show off my six-packs.

    Today, am sitting in front of my comp with keyboard on my tummy. Yes, my tummy. I dont have six-packs any more, there is only one Big Pack… šŸ˜¦

    For ppl, who want to put on weight:
    If you have regular routine of diet, you’ll surely put weight. But believe me its better to be thin.

    If you ppl want to gain weight, you all should be Software Engineers… šŸ˜€
    It part of the package tht we are paid…


  2. RJ said,

    LOL…I completely agree..there used to be days when I wanted to put on so badly coz’ I was skinny – but my profession helped me to gain weight and more WEIGHT!! IT jobs fank you!!

  3. Sakhi said,

    Its a weighty issue!

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