March 31, 2008

Popping the question

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Sometimes I think it’s so diffcult for some people to pop the question. They try, try till they get married to someone else 🙂 Yea, proposing a girl is difficult, nervous but it’s the man who can add that bit of elegance by the way he is proposing. Not that women don’t propose – but I think it has to be the man who makes the first move.

I am not adding a “how to propose a girl?” post – there are too many such stuff to read all over the internet, it’s just a sweet dream that I would like to share with all my reading mates. There are two characters in this story: Mark & Shannon.
Mark and Shannon have been good friends for over an year and Mark has developed his “be-besides-me-for-a-lifetime” feelings for Shannon. Nobody knows what Shannon thinks about Mark. Does she like Mark? Does she hate him? Is he just a good friend? Is he smart enough to be a life partner? Nobody knows the answers to all these except Shannon. Shannon is sweet (all girls are sweet:) aren’t they?), she’s witty, she’s beautiful, she’s jovial, she’s practical and she’s the best!

Mark is flamboyant, Shannon is sober, he thinks from his mind, she thinks from her heart, he loves Shannon and she….??!! (Mark & Shannon live in Paris and he is permanently going to shift to Sydney to open his restaurant business). He thinks this is the best match for him, nobody could understand him as she could and is desparate to pop the question. He wants to propose her but is very nervous and is not sure if he would lose a perfect friend in Shanon.

Mark couldn’t wait any longer and decides that he’s just gonna be himself and ask Shannon. Here’s how the whole incident takes place. Mark is pensive, tensed & his nerves are taut with anxiety. Can he pull it off?
(Mark & Shannon on their way to work, Shannon reading “Men are from mars, Women are from venus – John Gray” & Mark is “not” listening to his ipod – hes just got the earplugs on!!)

Mark: Shannon, hi
Shannon: (smiles) hmm..Hey Markie, ssup?
Mark: Shan, are looking very beautiful as always, wanted to tell you that..I..
Shannon: (cutting Mark) Thanks Markie, and you too are looking smart my cutie boy
Mark: (thinking to himself – cutie boy, is that a good sign or not) Well Shan, thanks,I had a dream we got married..hehe..(trying to be humorous)
Shannon: hmmm…(as in no reaction)
Mark: If we get married, just think, do you mind settling down in Sydney for like 10 years or something? and we have a house…I mean home there? (mark thinking, this is it, shit!!)
Shannon: No, I don’t mind
Mark: Do you mind if we don’t have kids the first three years coz’ we would be busy in our new business and…
Shannon: No, I don’t mind
Mark: So you mind I loving you all the time?
Shannon: Hmm…I don’t mind
Mark: Wow!!.You are the best & I don’t mind too (Mark is confident now) Will you mind taking a day off to roam about, shop, dine out, watch a movie?
Shannon: I won’t mind
Mark: Do you mind getting married to me?
(pause…everybody stops talking & start looking at Shannon & waiting for her response…)
Shannon: (smiles) No Mark, I don’t mind

For that day, Mark felt everybody had a smile on their face for them, Shannon had this thing in her eyes which said “I am yours, Mark – take care of me”. Mark smiled and gave back a reaction which said “I love you more than anything else and will keep loving you till the end”.

(Mark & Shannon are in Sydney now, parents of two healthy kids, Sarah & Jason, living happily and looking after their kids & restaurant business)

Guys, let’s not make it difficult for ourselves and our sweet ones! Let’s keep it simple yet elegant and add grace to the occasion by being ourself. Remember a quick tip – the lady is more precious and important that the gift, doesn’t matter if you buy a $10k ring but cannot charm her. Popping the question is an important chapter in our love life – let’s not screw it. Love always!

Let there be love in the air


  1. kurt said,

    Tera post padke mere aankho mein aasoo aa gaya…(After reading ur post there’s a tear or two in my eyes)

    I’ll really have to start popping this Q, but before i pop the Q, there is a bigger Q in front of me… Whom shld i pop the Q to??

    Also, i dont like to pop the Q. Coz i hate pop, i luv rock much much more than POP… 😀


    P.S.: dont forbid me frm commenting, i wont crack sad jokes from now on…

  2. RJ said,

    HUH…after reading this comment, I am sure there would be no one left for you for you to pop anything 😉 kiddin!

    Ciao bro! Stay fit!

  3. Shveta said,

    Aww…that’s so sweet chuckoo 🙂 Every girl would wish proposal happen in that sweet way. Wonderful post & can’t believe you can talk about “Love”

  4. Blistering Barnacles said,

    Yup…and folks beware…Never ever pop the question via mail! That can be hazardous to health…
    It has to be done looking at your partner in the eye…

  5. gayathri-vishwanathan said,

    wah! applause applause…what a pyaar-baraa story

    u can be the next yash chopra if u want to…

    damn nice story!! keep writting!

  6. RJ said,

    @Gaya – Lol! Thanks and Yash Chopra..huh! Was that filled with sarcasm? 🙂

    dream tha naa..enna panradhu 🙂

  7. Sakhi said,

    That was very nice, keep posting!

  8. RJ said,

    @Saks – Thanks! I am planning to write the next Yash Chopra flick! 😀

  9. Sakhi said,

    I think you can give Yash Chopra a run for his money! 😀

    And I am good at humour, so don’t take my words at a face value 😛

    LOL (tumharawala)!

  10. Deval said,

    i dnt know ne1 cud be sooooooooooooooooo romantic…… this ws v creative n romantic…. v cute love story….raja never thot u wrote so well n r so romantic… lucky is the one to whom u gonna pop this i wish u get the Best 1 in life.. hv a blissful rlationship frevr… tc

  11. RJ said,

    @Saks – I wish! 😀

    @Deval – Thanks, thats very sweet of you! I too wish the relationship is blissful 🙂

  12. Suguna said,

    Hey ,,,,, That was really nice !!!!! 🙂 I wish i had a Mark in my life 🙂 hehheh Wink !!!!!!!

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