April 3, 2008

Buoyant Spirits

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I have been doing a lot of new things these days – I eat healthy, hit the gym, take the kickboxing sessions, practice tennis, write blogs and realised that I am more peppy. I could only wish that this insouciant behaviour is more blessed till end of this year and for years to come :). I am happy, perky and feel good. I sure have my one-off days but looking at those numbers I am content. So hows does one feel good or bad? What makes me say “I am feeling good today” or “I am a bit low”? After being bit observant, I have listed down a few things that might help some of you and I would like to know what you folks feel. Friends have also suggested their views on this topic. (Thanks guys, much appreciated!) All we are concerned about is the “feeling good” part; who anyways cares about “feeling low”? Feeling good solely depends on doing things for oneself, doing things for loved ones & people in general and doing things for the society. The later two makes you feel good by itself. I wil try and write about these three phases to achieve a non-blue funk state of mind!

It’s about onself, it’s about others, it’s about the society & it’s about feeling good!

The working week is all about not enough sleep so you promise yourself to sleep like a maniac on saturdays & sundays. Ironically, most of the saturdays I get up at 6am just to hear a digital dolby effect of an irritating tune. Ahh…I realised, it’s my roommate Shank snoring in the next room. Shank dude wait till the next kickboxing session! So here I am, saturday morning, 6am, up & lively as a bouncing ball. I browse through the address book of my cell phone and find names of friends to whom I haven’t spoken in ages. I start calling everybody and we chat about everything we had missed out and this I do till I reach the last name on the address book. Sometimes I thank, sometimes I ask them to forgive me, sometimes I speak about the weird dreams, and sometimes silence speaks everything. By the end of this exercise, you feel good that you got connected to your friends from school, college, tuitions, guitar classes etc. Trust me guys it helps. For those “not-much-speaking types” call me, I will do the talking πŸ™‚

Talking about sleep and getting up reminded me of something which I find quiet funny in the later part of the day. I make sure to look at my face as soon as I get up. As convenient as it could get, there’s a mirror right across my bed. So as I get up, I face the mirror – how cool is that! I try different hairstyles and think to myself, “damn, I am smart!” (Yes, sometimes at 5am when I sleep a bit early) I don’t want to change this habit coz’ feel it kinda’ boosts me in some way. C’mon let’s accept it, who doesnt want to look good? Look good to feel good.

The other simplest and proven way to feel good is to shop. Yes, even after the damage you would be happy. Shop for gadgets, clothes, things of your interest. You can always pamper youself! Shopping can nerf the bulge on the back pocket but will surely bring a smile on your face.

The other day, Ruben was a bit sad and low and constantly kept saying, “Why it has to happen to me? & Why me always?”. I didn’t know what to say and just stayed there with her for coffee. Our common friend, Aila dropped in a bit later and after listening to Ruben, told her something which I felt was motivating and inspiring. She said, “Instead of asking yourself why me?, ask what did I learn? How should I find a solution?” (I reacted in a way that I wanted to say the same thing..heh :)..but…) It was then I realised, asking a “Why me?” was very simple but wont give you a solution, rather ask “What did I learn?”. Ruben felt better in no time and I felt good coz’ I learnt something I could use in the future. Thanks Aila.

How many of us think not being rich enough is a major cause for not feeling good? According to a survey, 60% feel the moolah is not enough for us to achieve the materialistic things we crave for. Let me infuse a statement I read in the internet, a statement that tells us everything. β€œThere are still around 1 billion people living at the margins of survival on less than US$1 a day, with 2.6 billion (40 percent of the world’s population) living on less than US$2 a day.” Food, an ingredient for survival is still inaccessible for 40-50% of the population. Do we still think not being rich is a cause for not feeling good? For once, let’s feed one poor person who cannot afford to buy his meal. The feeling is nonpareil. Try it once and I am sure it will be inculcated as a habit.

Ah..buying food reminds me of charity. Charity is such a noble thing to do, I have always wondered, are people scared of loosing all money by involving in charity? Folks – it’s not gambling! Charity needs a big heart and not all the money in the world. Let me share a thought – let’s give 1% of what we have. Just 1%. So if I earn $100 every month, I will give $1 to the needy. Hows that? On a larger scale, a person earning $10000 every month would give $100. The needy may be old-age homes, orphanages, the gate-keepers kid etc. Let’s help them. Its not much for good feeling – many pay the doctors for it!

We all tip the waiter in the restaurants. Sometimes willingly, sometimes forcefully :), sometimes as a routine. Ever thought about complimenting the chef who cooked your food? How good the person would feel when you tell him, “Buddy, you just rocked; I haven’t had such a dinner in ages and your food reminded me of my mom’s food”. That smile on the chef’s face is a million pats on your back. The chef would just say “Thank you” and continue with his work to serve the
next customer. You would drive all the way back feeling good.

Few other small things that I would like to mention is plant a tree on your birthday or on all occasions, vote – it’s your duty, love one and all, smile at strangers, guys – respect girls & their emotions, offer a place to sit to the old, pregnant women, women with a child on her arms, donate blood, fight against injustice. Most of these items mentioned may be duties you should do, but if you never got started, it’s never too late.

Last but not the least and the most important, be a good son and a good daughter to your parents. Call your dad today and say, “Thank you dad for all the million things you did and never asked to pay back, thanks for all the million times you waved to me with care while dropping me at school, thanks for all the million times you just held me and walked in the park talking to me about how to lead a dignified life. Thanks dad for everything”, and your mom, “Maa, first things first, thanks for the food, thanks for sacrificing your dreams so that I could achieve mine, thanks for keeping a million secrets and not leaking them to dad coz’ you never wanted him to scold me, thanks for staying the entire night up when I was down with fever & thank you for all the love and trust you showered upon me when I made a mistake, when I failed to succeed and when I reached heights, thanks for everything my sweetest mom”. Folks after this phone call the feeling is as if you touched the moon. Believe me or not, words cannot describe this feeling, emotions fail too. Its something else – yet to be described in the dictionary!

Let philanthropy be a routine! Peace, love & empathy – Remember Kurt Cobain πŸ™‚


  1. Ashok said,

    Good One Raja, i really liked it, especially the last Para

  2. Neetu said,

    This was good !!!! Some of the most important and complicated part of life written very smoothly!!! i am sure atleast few would plant a tree, call up their parents, give food to a needy and yes few might go shopping after reading this blog. But dude many saturdays are over and i didn’t see “Raja Calling” on my phone. πŸ™‚

  3. kurt said,


    Nice post dude…
    A bit long though, u could have broken it down to a couple of posts…

    I must admit, i have become a big fan of your scribbling… πŸ™‚

    Keep posting


  4. RJ said,

    @Ashok – thanks, now since you liked the post you can pick up one of the activities as habits πŸ™‚

    @Neets – sis, you are the best! I have just been busy in my new found habits and activities, I will surely call you up. It can be anyday, y just saturday πŸ™‚

    @kurt – Dude, I wish I could say all the things we chat about πŸ™‚ Thanks for commenting and being a regular reader – lets all be nice to one person everyday.

    You guys rock – love you all πŸ™‚

  5. Chaitanya said,

    Noble intentions, but too preachy for a blog like this.

  6. Blistering Barnacles said,

    Wow… I tried that looking into the mirror bit…but ended up disappointed…the first thought that came to me when I looked into the mirror was…”Whoa!! Where did my hair go?? :(“…Why me?

    Dude…this post is par excellence…something that we are getting used to…you rock!!

  7. Deval said,

    u made me cry!!!!

  8. RJ said,

    @Chait – I know, somebody even called my preachy-pox πŸ™‚ I am not gonna try my hand on such stuff again πŸ™‚

    @Praf – Hair today, gone tommorow is something I have heard! but, hair never is hair never! :D, I am gald you liked the post! Tnx!

    @Deval – was I that bad buds? πŸ™‚

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