April 10, 2008

Whose land is it anyway?

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I was born in Srivilliputtur, Virudhunagar district in Tamil Nadu. Due to my dad’s work which shifted to a new location, we quickly packed our bags and moved to Jamshedpur, Bihar where I did my pre-schooling. We relocated to Mumbai in the late 80s coz’ my dad got transferred to Mumbai. My dad also spent many months working in Goa, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan & Delhi. My question is which state do I belong now? I always felt I am an Indian. The recent Raj Thackerey furore has alarmed me to an extent that, I feel very controversial saying I was born in Tamil Nadu but raised in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Thank God we don’t need a passport and visa to travel to the different states in India. We can kill the issue saying it’s a political gimmick, but that’s not the solution. A similar incident happened with the Cauvery water dispute between Karnataka & Tamil Nadu – whose water is it anyway? I can see a day when I have to carry oxygen cylinders to different states coz’ I won’t be allowed to breathe the air that belongs to that state.

Ironic to the incidents happening these days, I started feeling I learnt the wrong pledge in school which states, “India is my country and all Indians are my brothers and sisters…..”. Maybe we should have different pledges for different states. Mine would go this way, “Maharashtra is my state in India, all the water and air in Maharastra belongs to me and I won’t share it with anybody. I would also not be involved in any good deeds happening outside Maharashtra”. Mr. Raj Thackerey, give us a break!!

My friend who hails from Singapore feels, India is a menagerie of hospitable people living together, respecting each others religions, languages, race and feelings. The feeling is mutual for my friend living in United States. When outsiders talk so highly about our country why do we prove them wrong with our immature thoughts? I strongly feel Indianness is in my blood, I believe the phrase “unity in diversity” evolved after experiencing a feeling called India.

Finally, I would like to state that, “Mujhe na states ke naam sunayi dete hain, na dikhayi dete hain. Sirf ek naam sunayi deta hai I-N-D-I-A” šŸ™‚

Proud to be an Indian!


  1. Chaitanya said,

    Nice post RJ.
    May be we can extend it to Palestina, Serbia, Bosnia, Kashmir, Tibet etc. The last one being the hot topic today.

    More than half the wars on this earth are for land, resources etc.
    In future, we’re going to witness more WATER WARS.

    May sense prevail in people.

  2. Anonymous said,

    I don’t see anything wrong with Raj Thackrey’s move… After all, his own country men (bhumiputras or Marathas) are affected. the real culprit is not Thackrey or political stunts… but culprit is the central govt, who does not want people to be united. Anyone remembers the Divide and Rule policy??? The UP/MP and Biharis are trying to impose their culture and language onto every state which instigated Thackeray. Infact Hindi has proliferated to an extent that, Maratha culture is moribund and the pity Marathas who were promised of nice Central Govt jobs if they learnt Hindi got cheated. The Tamils, did not embrace it…If else, Chennai would be occupied by them instead of the us and some foreign population. I think it’s the only metro with a higher population of foreigners in a Indian city…

  3. Mugunth Kumar said,

    Finally, I would like to state that, “Mujhe na states ke naam sunayi dete hain, na dikhayi dete hain. Sirf ek naam sunayi deta hai I-N-D-I-A” šŸ™‚

    Translate please…

  4. RJ said,

    @Mugunth – I can’t hear or see the state’s name, I can hear only one name i.e. India. SRK’s dialogue in Chak De India. Hope this helps.

  5. the "WTF" roomie said,


    Very Crisp comments. I agree with you completely

  6. RJ said,

    @anonymous – The whole issue started taking a front seat when Amitabh Bachchan opened a school in UP. How are the Marathas/Bhumiputhras affected coz’ of that? I am not pro or anti any political parties but I don’t see any point that speaks for Mr. Thackerey’s (with all respect) defense.

  7. Ashok said,

    Hi RJ,

    The topic is really good, i think every one should take it with the right spirit. By the end of the day we are all Indians, For me i am proud to be known as an Indian, rather than saying from which part of india i belong to.

  8. Mugunth Kumar said,

    hmm I see…
    Thanks for the translation…

    BTW, well written post…

  9. Sagar said,

    Is this another regional extremism ?

    RJ: First of all kudos for tossing this topic for discussion.
    We talk about INDIA , we talk about unity & diversity> Let me ask this question.
    You are moving to new place & you want to find a roommate through sulekha or some site.Genuinely tell me guys how many times we make a decision to call based on Last Name ….

    Now coming up to Mr Raj Thakre theory. Dude if you want Marathas an opportunities, first create them.How many marathas are willing to drive riksha if they are graduate?If you ask Bihari riksha driver about this question you will get the answer.Mr Thakre you say lot of Biharis are getting Rail jobs. What that has to do with their region sir?Create career guidance center for yout Bhumpiputras to succeed in this competitive exams. There are different ways to show your Maharashtrain pride other than asking for quota?

    Why do you want to control somebody’s will.Dont Annas & Biharis dance infront of our Ganpati Bappa.Why do you have problem for Bhojpuri thaters.If you want them to adopt Mumbai & do some charity here,let them take that call rather than imposing thoughts.

    Lets accept we are not great but we have capabilities to become great nation .Lets not waste our energy in hate & regionalism.Lets make INDIA great nation


  10. Brinda said,

    Too good post buddy… Its time people realise such things are just not worth the time n effort…and creating riots in this process is like huh… my money is being burnt when a BEST bus is being destroyed… good lord… What are these guys fighting for…No one owns a state… we all are a part of this very own land…Whats the need to create borders within the country when we have one surrounding our country…Unity should be in all terms… If we start dividing the nation on basis of rights on State…The day is not too far when we will be once again playing a part of Freedom Fighters…Spread PEACE around :):):)

  11. kurt said,


    There are ppl who always want to be in the lime-light, the recent Anti-North Indian campaigns is just another way to hog the lime-light. Whtever we do, this is never going to stop. If not Raj, then some other leader will stand-up with some petty issues

    May Lord put some sense into our ppl, who blindly listen to these crap & act upon it…


    Vande Mataram

  12. Anonymous said,


    Read this and answer the questions before you start ranting…

    There are reasons for Anti-north indian campaigns… It happened in Punjab in 1980, TN in 1965 and now in Maharashtra… All were for the same reason mentioned in this blog…

  13. Deval said,

    Well done Raja…this should be read by Raj n all MNS wrks n even Shiv Sainiks…. well Raj has done all this juz to get some media attention as he has nt made his mark in the political scene after being sep frm SS….the same thing Bal Thakrey had done long ago wen he had newly formed SS n cudnt make a mark..similar steps r taken by Raj n so comes up with such stupid issues…n neways Mumbai is gonna remain the dream city fr non mumbaikars…so ppl r nt gonna stop migrating here…Raj will make news get coverage thts it..rest is all history….

  14. Anubha said,

    @rj …
    couldn’t agree wid u more ..!
    Raj Thackeray is just trying to win more votes by instigating the “Marathi junta” ..
    In this cosmopolitan city.. forget city, in this secular n democratic country, nobody has the right to decide who lives where..
    And wid regards to Amitabh Bacchan,
    his good deed is not credited but infact questioned..!!
    Atleast he has done something for his hometown, what has Raj Thackeray done for the Marathi bunch except for making them listen to his senseless speeches and brain-washing them on grounds of “statehood” ???
    Why do we hear of more and more Maharashtrian farmers committing suicide??

    Will cut this here..Dont know where to stop once I get started on this.. sorry !!!
    Felt really good after reading your post ,wish all people could think like you..
    keep up da good work !! šŸ˜‰
    tc ..

  15. RJ said,

    @Deval – Thanks for commenting! I dont’t know what kind of reading will help Mr. RT coz’ a billion people have undoubtedly an unanimous viewpoint. I can only hope for his mind to work šŸ˜€

    @Anubha – Thanks a billion bunch for commenting!! I like your comment more than my post šŸ™‚ Keep visiting and keep writing.


  16. gayathri-vishwanathan said,

    hi rj…i am so happy to know that there are people who think like me…

    mujhe bhi “Mujhe na states ke naam sunayi dete hain, na dikhayi dete hain. Sirf ek naam sunayi deta hai I-N-D-I-A”

    -i hope chak de kaa dialogue writer does file a case against us for using his dialogues šŸ™‚

  17. gayathri-vishwanathan said,

    sorry i keep eating words…i wanted to say that:

    i hope chak de kaa dialogue writer does not file a copyright case against us for using his dialogues šŸ™‚

  18. RJ said,

    @Gaya – No he won’t šŸ™‚ He knows this is all for a good thought! He would second our opinions!

    Keep smiling and keep writing!

  19. Vasant said,

    But how come it’s justified if we call ourselves Indians? Shouldn’t we call ourselves human beings instead?

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