April 29, 2008

Will you "dowry" me!!??!

Posted in Uncategorized at 6:54 am by RJ

Believe me or not folks, but eavesdropping is poppin! You learn how happy you are when you listen a sad story, realize how lucky you are when you listen about a fateful destiny, makes you feel richer when you hear a poor speak and sometimes eavesdropping gives a bit more!

Location: Newark Penn Station
Scene: Waiting for the 5:49PM South Amboy Local train. A boy gets super excited meeting his friend after a long time (I am guessing the “long time” bit of it)

Boy: Hey felli
Girl: Andy, hii!! how have you been?
Andy: I am doing well Sherry! I tried to call you up in the morning today

(Both look very Indian and for some reason I was inquisitive to know their real names. Andy gets a phone call and he answers saying “Anand here” & Sherry still has her work I.D hanging around her neck which read Sherin Yeleswarapu)

Sherin: My flight was delayed by few hours so got in a bit late
Anand: So, how did it all go?
Sherin: The market is down these days, so the trip wasn’t very fruitful
Anand: What do you mean?
Sherin: Dude, the stocks are soaring high and our family can’t afford it. Moreover, its against my ethics to pay and get married
Anand: Oh! it still exists, I mean..uhmmm..is it still a practise?
Sherin: Yea! ask me about it, an engineer is worth a five hundred thousand, a doctor costs around the same, a lawyer is a ten hundred thousand, double the figures for a US degree.
Anand: Aww..thats sad!! Btw who marries a lawyer – just kiddin Sherin!
Sherin: (smiles) Do they want a girl or her money? Its really sad.

I got onto my 5:49 train with a powerful thought – Do they want a girl or her money? Very true, isn’t it? I was wondering how the attitude of a selfish and a selfless mind works. A selfless mind who will leave her parents & family for you, cook food for you, change her last name to yours, accept your habits & mannerisms and many more against a selfish mind who needs all this and money for just getting married!!

Folks, its marriage, so let’s keep it simple! Love for love, trust for trust and compromise for compromise! Let money not intervene our decision of loving or marrying somebody. At the same time gals, if your father wants to gift the son-in-law something huge expensive – we all really love such care! Lol!

Love thy would-be,


  1. Neetu said,

    This was rather an unexpected blog to read. I mean, no one other than few socialist speak about dowry. Not even Shobha Dey !!!!(i hope she is not authorised to read this comment section)But dude well said lets keep love for love and trust for trust……..lets us all keep money where it should be…always the Second Place

  2. Sandeep said,

    First hand info huh..

    did you read my post about dowry ??

  3. RJ said,

    Yes I just did. You were funny but you made a point.

    (btw..pathetic for the post or the practice :D)

  4. priya said,

    i liked d thought…”Love for love, trust for trust and compromise for compromise!”…..n it stands true to the word!!! waise dude,dnt u think u hav been travellin a lot lately!!;-))
    keep writing!

  5. RJ said,

    @neetu – Am I getting the feeling that you are comparing me to Shobha de!!!??!!!!!

    @pri – It’s not about travelling, it’s about hearing:D Hearing others talk keeps my mind working -how’s that for a phrase?

  6. Brinda said,

    I think the ritual shud change now… I wudnt mind if my pa in law gives me loads of gifts for bein the best wife for his son… well bestest is the word… hee hee kidding kidding… well athyachar stop karne ka time has come… its after all love tat brings ppl together n not money…be it even 5 crores…:p wife n husband happy then nuthing else shud matter nobody else interferes…And i think this is getting to extinct now so all is well if things dont prevail as it had been in the past… Live Life Happily.. Smile Always :):):):)

  7. RJ said,

    @brinda – I like the facts and the figures in your comment ;-D. I am sure you will get loads of gifts for being the best wife…err bestest! Till then – keep commenting and keep smiling!!

  8. kurt said,

    hey, nice post mate…
    good tht u didn’t emphasize abt this topic in depth, coz it would have taken ‘N’ no.of pages to write abt it… Its a very hot topic.

    Its really a shame tht all these things still exists…

    Jago India Jago…


  9. gayathri-vishwanathan said,

    hi rj…simply loved this post…what a thought yaar…love for love, trust for trust and compromise for compromise. well said!

    all the feminists would be happy to read this post.

    keep publishing such amazing blogs!!! cya…god bless u!

  10. RJ said,

    @Gayathri – Can’t see your comments!! How did it get deleted automatically? (I know this coz’ I got an email!)

  11. gayathri-vishwanathan said,

    oh i deletd it myself…coz i accidently posted a half-written comment…that’s why πŸ™‚

  12. RJ said,

    πŸ™‚ ok ok samjha abhi!

  13. Sakhi said,

    Yeah it is a hot topic indeed! When we were doing our internship, one of our friends had gone home to see his future bride(in case they liked each other). When he came back we were all over him to know his reaction. the only thing he said to us was, “yaar, sirf 25 lakh ka rishta tha!” we were stumped! A “almost” doctor, if he talks like this …. well, India has a long way to go. But yes, younger generation CAN make a difference…

    I think i have become a bit philosophical… But the topic is such, that couldn’t help!


  14. RJ said,

    @Saks – Damn, you still friends with thay guy! Such a loser!

    Its indeed a bad state, I just hope things change and one day we live in a world that there is no word as “Dowry” in any of the dictionaries.

  15. Amit said,

    Hmmm….I think the girl was a little depressed. I always thought that the present generation can make a difference. But now I am having serious doubts.

  16. RJ said,

    @Amit – I know the girl was depressed. But she was kinda cute πŸ˜›

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