June 13, 2008

The Expansionist Meme – Tagged!

Posted in Uncategorized at 4:16 am by RJ

Nova aka World tagged me with this meme and here’s my response.

Please thoughtfully consider the following, and choose one item for each of the categories below. (Be sure to describe your reasons for choosing)

Q: One religious work from a non-familiar tradition you’ll read:
A: I think its called the “Tanakh”. I always wanted to know and read about the Jewish tradition.

Q: One music video–that you like–from your “least likely to listen to’ genre:
A: Main Yahan Tu Wahaan – Baghban (Amitabh Bachchan sung the song) I don’t like super slow emotional songs – but this one is an exception coz’ 1) Amitabh Bachchan sang it 2) I like the whole idea of singing a song over the phone 😀 nice noo?

Q: A book from a genre you almost never read, that you have read, or you will read (promise!):
A: Andrew Tanenbaum – Operating Systems and Networking 😀 😛

Q: Somewhere you’d never thought to go on holiday/vacation, and why it might be fun to go there?
A: Andaman and Nicobar Islands – I think the whole island thg is exciting. Somewhere far yet close kinda thgy!

Q: A specific food you’ve never tried, but will because of this meme, honest!:
A: Mongolian cuisine – heard a lot about it, now I am gonna try it soon. (As soon as this weekend!)

Q: A sport or game you really hate, or haven’t tried yet, but are willing to give one more go:
A: I like all kinda sports and game. I haven’t tried baseball and given a chance would love to play that game. I also want to play that girls game – where they throw somethg closing their eyes and have to jump and land in a specific spot. Dont know the name but it looks exciting!

Q: A style of dance you probably won’t try (we won’t make you promise on this one):
A: Cha cha Cha, a lot of foot work and I think I will screw up big time!

Q: A career job you don’t feel you’re suited for, and why:
A: I can never be a doctor/surgeon – I can’t see flesh, blood etc and be cool about it.

Q: An item that’s “thinking out of the box’ for this meme that hadn’t been included:
A: Probably the “next question please” 😛

Q: If there’s one thing in life you wanted to do, and will do because of this meme, what will it be?
A: Meet up with Nova and play foosball with her 😀

I tag my blog fellas to mention one item they did that bought a smile on their face. I got up to give my seat to a pregnant lady in the train and I felt unusually happy about it and smiled the whole day 🙂

Keep smiling, keep writing and stay healthy,


  1. Sakhi said,

    Hurrey! i am the first one to comment on this one!

    But dont know what to comment 😀 😀

    BTW, don’t know what does “tanakh” means. should find out for sure…

  2. Bhavana said,

    Whats that girl game??
    tanakh??(parsi tradition??)

  3. RJ said,

    @Saks – Its the holy book of the Jews I suppose, I heard or read it somewhere! 🙂 you the 1st one..hurray 🙂

    @Bhav – which girl? 😛

  4. Chaitanya said,

    Girl’s game is called “Tokkudu Billa” in Telugu and “Kunte Bille” in Kannada …. can’t say in other languages though.
    Have to admit … i tried it when i was young .. 😉

    giving seat to pregnant lady and smiling all day sounds like a forced good deed diary entry when i was in scouts …. sorry but that’s how it is … 🙂
    Just when i thought you were going good RJ ….. 😉

  5. Reema said,

    U r right. The Jew Holy book is called TANAKH, which is a Hebrew acronym for the three sections it contains: Torah (the Pentateuch or first five books of the Old Testament), Nevi’im (Prophets), and Ketuvim (Writings). The Tanakh contains the 39 books found in the Christian Bible and called the “Old Testament.”

    And thats a new one u got…else all wanna read Kuran or abt Buddhism!Oh such a techie answer….Tannenbaum!!! Meet up with Nova and play foosball,eh????

  6. Chaitanya said,

    Raj … Here’s another phone song for you

    Jalte hain jiske liye – Sujata
    Over the phone, a young Sunil Dutt declares his love for Nutan through this lovely song sung by the master of silken voice Talat Mehmood. Composed by music maestro S.D Burman & with lyrics by M. Sultanpuri this song has one of the most beautiful wordings : dil mein rakh lenaa ise haathon se ye chhoote naa kahee, geet naajook hain meraa sheeshe se bhee toote naa kahee, gunagunaaoongaa yahee geet main tere liye

  7. RJ said,

    @Chait – Thanks for the names 🙂 want to know the name in hindi 😛
    Btw, I dont mind trying it now..

    Trust me its more than a good deed diary entry when you are guessing if the girl is pregnant or not and nobody to help 😀

    @Reems – Never wanted to read Tanenbaum – hated it 😛
    Yea, foosball with Nova should be fun 😛 Thanks for the Tanakh description – how ya doin buddy? 🙂

    @Chait – thanks…searching in youtube for the song..ever tried the phone song for your wife? 🙂 cute naa?

  8. Reema said,

    I’m doing fine nightowl! This was the song i was talking about that day.

  9. pricelessjunk said,

    Very nice (and sweet) answers !!

    //I like the whole idea of singing a song over the phone 😀 nice noo?

    I’d rather learn proper Math than listen to that song. Makes me wanna burn the speaker 😛

    //I also want to play that girls game – where they throw somethg closing their eyes and have to jump and land in a specific spot.

    You mean Hopscotch ? 😛
    In one of the levels, you need to turn back and throw it to one of the boxes or something 😛

    The last one is like the best of all !!

    //I got up to give my seat to a pregnant lady in the train and I felt unusually happy about it and smiled the whole day 🙂

    Wohoooo !! 🙂

  10. sandeepr said,

    One thing i did today that bought me smile on my face?
    Reading this post 🙂

    Tanenbaum OS? awesome!! 🙂

    and after i wanna beat you in foosball.. after you.. know what 😛

  11. RJ said,

    @Pri – One off times the song is good, try listening without burning your speakers 😀 😛

    @San – U wanna beat me or Nova in foosball? I am game for it 😀

  12. RJ said,

    @Pri – I never knew its hopscotch…but I have seen tht turning back and jumping thgy…sounds and looks cool…:D

  13. Sakhi said,

    @ reema

    that was quite some explanation of “Tanakh” ! 🙂

    @ RJ

    now that you actually know what it is, DO go and read it ! 😛

  14. sandeep said,

    I think nova is no match.. if she really sucks as much as she says she does..

    so it’s gottu be you..

    may be Nova on wii 😛

  15. worldthrumyeyes said,

    Heyyyyy how mean!!! 😛

    Btw Sandeep is right… I can anyday beat u on Wii 😛

  16. Bhavana said,

    Hopscotch !!!
    I was talking about this girly game???
    Are you talking about Andrew s Tanenbaum for CN?I am studying that now..dusted it yest…Its not all that bad..

  17. Nick said,

    I prefer Galvin (the red book) for OS and Tanenbaum only for Networks (oh btw, I’m Bhavana’s friend Nikhil…looks like you guys have a very strong bloggers’ community here!)

  18. RJ said,

    @Saks – I will try to know bits and pieces of “Tanakh” for sure – btw its a cool name, isnt it?

    @San – Foosball with you, whenever we meet for sure 😀 I think I can also beat Nova on Wii 😀 😛

    @Nova aka Super Nova – 🙂 Are we mean? 😛

    @Bhav – Looking back at college it was a hell lot to read – btw I dnt like fat books, real fat books

    @Nick – Hey dude, thanks for visiting! Yea, kinda a small sweet company – you are most welcome to join! Game?

  19. sandeep r said,

    How mean is mean? 😛
    we can get better (or worse) at it.. hehe..

    I think she’s already lost, morally.. 😛 (@Super Nova on wee, see what i meant? 🙂

  20. pricelessjunk said,

    You like Hopscotch !!

    Buhahahahahaaa !!

    Really RJ !! First, you’d like being a girl, and now this ?!! 😛

  21. RJ said,

    @San – Lol! Nice one dude!

    @Nova – Where are you hiding? Are you on Wii trying to get better? 😛

    @San – We are getting beteer at this!!! 😀 😛

    @Pri – Its just those 2 things..rest everything is fine intact and in place as it should be 😀 😛

    Btw, I have know guys who like the game – just don’t say it..I am better off yaa 😀 Wanna play sometime? I can jump backwards with my eyes closed 😀

  22. Reema said,

    Are u like awake all night today?? Stop teasing Nova like a couple of school kids!! 🙂

  23. RJ said,

    @Reems – I can stay awake for a couple of nights to beat Nova on Foosball and Wii 😀

    School kids – :X

  24. Anubha said,

    nice post as usual !!!
    u always come up wid different ideas.. 😉
    good .. good..

    Da one thing dat made me smile alllll day was my first day of college this year…. we went to Irani and kept on ordering bun-maska one after the other.. so dat we get to sit for longer … 😀

    Chamdigiri kiyaa in othr wordsss… 😀

  25. sandeep said,

    dude i think we are getting a lil’ too far without much back up.. too risky to do that with women 🙂

  26. moregyan4u said,

    @san n RJ

    i dont believe it !

    u guys get unlimited happiness by teasing women ! god !

    nova’s the prime target here! we have company !

    @nikhil–i hate all network books,i like it only when someone teaches em !


    r we reading tanenbaum this sem ! omg i almost forgot that !


    finally,your post,kunte bille is a superb game 🙂 u can see that i have posted a pic of it on my street games “ratto ratto” post 🙂
    u shud try it !

  27. RJ said,

    @megs – its just pure sports 🙂 teasing women!! tauba tauba we arent like that 😀 😛 Yea I checked the pic, thats the one! kunte bille? is that hindi?

    @megs/bhav – Tanenbaum :-0

    BTW – my 1st comment through WP 🙂 happy everybody (WP brand ambassadors!!) 😀

  28. Sandeep R. said,

    Yay.. finally Pri’s persistence paid off! 😀

    I didn’t realize we were on to that till now! :O

    Should i quit??

  29. Sakhi said,

    @ RJ

    so finaly you are at wordpress! 🙂

    can’t you have a better contracst. This one is too stark!

  30. wasshappening said,

    what stupid theme is this??…black dark and evil…Be an angel and change it 🙂


    I am DEAD this sem…

  31. Nova said,

    Lol! I was not hiding… I was busy guarding my fort… 😉 Thank you guys for supporting it 🙂 And yeah Reema is right… U guys need to stopping teasing me like school kids 😛 I actually did feel like I had gone back to school 😛 😀

  32. Nova said,

    Btw RJ Welcome to wordpress. It rocks! 😀

  33. Reema said,

    @#%$@# Dagaabaaz…aa gaya na logo ki baato me aur chala gaya WP.. huh!! Bloggerdrohi kahi ka.

  34. Reema said,

    and of all the nice themes why u chose this ugly one?

  35. RJ said,

    @Saks – Yea, hope to see you here soon 😀 Blogspot? whats that? 😛 😀 Hows this theme – better?

    @Bhav – okay buddy! Hope this is very angeletic 😀

    @Nova – Thanks for the warm welcome! Its not about getting back to school, it’s about winning. And we (San n me) ain’t loosing on Foosball or Wii 😀 😛

    @Reems – Dagaabaaz tu, jo yahan nahi aarahi apne doston ke saat 😀
    How abt this theme? better?

  36. Sakhi said,

    I have already told you, this is a better theme.. kitni baar taarif sun na chahta hai? 😛

  37. Nikhil Prabhu said,

    @RJ- I’m game! and i m following the tradition of shifting to WP, although i am still a baby when it comes to blogging!

  38. RJ said,

    @Saks – Oh! did you? Ok, thanks! 🙂

    @Nikhil – Super cool dude. Rock on! Send me your WP URL as I dont see it here. Thanks for visiting!

  39. Gosh, this seems to be one really widespread meme. I have seen it almost all blogs.

  40. RJ said,

    @Poo – Yea! Everybody or almost completed this meme from my blogroll. It was fun though! I am going thru your meme now 🙂 Thanks for visiting!

  41. rameshraju said,

    I know the rules of our traditional games: Tokkudu billa (Indian Hopscotch), Gilli Danda (karra billa or Gooti billa), Kabaddi, Puli Joodamu, Ashta Chemma (Chauka Bhara), Pachisi (Paachikalu), Vaikuntapali (snakes and ladders), Daagudu Mootalu, Raamudu Seeta, Kothi Kommachi, Achenagandlu (5 stones) etc. Today’s Non-Girls (Tomboys & Cocktail Girls) are unaware of these games. Ofcourse Gilli Danda and Kabaddi are boy’s games. We are going to introduce all these games in http://www.onlinerealgames.com shortly. I want to bring all these games back into life! Youth should remember that “shiny are the far away hills”. Instead of encouraging western games, encourage our games.

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