June 16, 2008

The WordPressing begins

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:11 am by RJ

So here I am, finally typing one in WP. All you illegal brand ambassadors who convinced the hell out of me, you know what I actually like it. It’s cool. I would like it more when Reema and Sakhi join WP. Let’s team up up guys and do what needs to be done to get them here.

Still a lot of stuff to be done on this page. I already got few comments on how they hate the theme. I will try to make it look better. It was smarty Sandeep, cutie Bhavna and rockstar Priya who kept asking me to move and I am sure they like it more now – the illegal brand ambassadors!!

I gotto mention about Megs – awww, she stayed up till 5:30am to help me get setup with WP. She answered the dumbest of questions, told me my things to do and told me about each and every functionality almost. Thanks a million bunchie buddy and my sweet robot! You da best!

Anubha, Reema & Sakhi – Looking forward to see you guys in WP soon. Blogspot? what’s that?

Happy wordpressing,



  1. Reema said,

    1st there is no follow up comment option..u still have to use a feed reader.
    2nd Daagabaaz tu hai. aur wo dost hi kaise jo muze change hone pe majboor kare…jaisi mai hu waisa accept na kare?
    3rd Tu ne mrea naam kyu hyperlink nahi kiya hai? :X

  2. RJ said,

    @Reems – 1st Theres obv somethg related to followups, megs told me about it yesterday, dont remm! I will ask her/San/Pri/Bhav again.
    2nd No thats not dagabaaz. Change for good is nice. Dost hoon isliye achchai cha raha hoon naa 🙂
    3rd No hyperlink coz I am waiting to link it to the new url: http:/opinionsnexpressions@wordpress[dot]com

    btw, when are you moving? Blogspot – whats that? 🙂

    😀 😛

  3. Sakhi said,

    see reema, he has not linked us… booh hoo hoo…

    meanie meanie :((

    btw, this theme is much better that the previous one.

  4. wasshappening said,

    My name is not there… 😦
    I haven done anything…but still…

    WP is nice…even i am liking it..
    But My name is not there.. Katti.. 😡

  5. Reema said,

    @Sakhi he is just spreading JAATIVAAD ..WP vs Blogger. Huh ..he is discriminating against us..@#@%$# racist!

  6. Nikhil said,

    RJ..!! Welcome to wordpress!! I’m glad you ditched Blogger! 😀
    Happy blogging! I’m adding you to mt blogroll..! I like it here!

  7. RJ said,

    @Saks – Thanks! Btw, I am waiting for something like http:/laghukatha@wordpress[dot]com
    As soon as you send me that link, will add it 😀 No meanie meanie…!!

    @Bhavs – Did you read the post? Check it again it’s there 😀 😛
    No katti…batti always 🙂

    @Reems – LOL! I am no Jaativad! I just said WP is much much better i.e like a 1000^24 times better 😀 😛 So when are you moving? The sooner the better 🙂

    @Niks – Thanks for visiting! Frankly speaking, I have visited your site and read many posts and I thought you are an awesomest writer and my comments wouldnt have matched up to that level 🙂 But now on I will comment regularly even if it reduces your reader count 😀 😛

    I am adding you too! 😀

  8. wasshappening said,

    Shut up!You changed it now…
    Smart ASS..

    ****LOL! I am no Jaativad! I just said WP is much much better i.e like a 1000^24 times better 😀 😛 So when are you moving? The sooner the better :)****

    I cant believe you said that!!!…

    Waise i never asked you to move…You just followed me!
    Just kidding.. :p
    Thank you for the honour…
    (was feeling a little left out coz you dint add me there…)

  9. RJ said,

    @Bhavs – I had your name in mind but I think I lost you while adding the hyperlink to Megs name. So sodddddddyyyyyy!!

    Yea, I said that coz’ I like it here. 🙂

    Reems/Saks – When are you guys moving? 😀 😛

  10. Kurt said,

    Good to see you here…
    WP rocks… Am sure you’ll love WP


  11. megcloud9 said,


    u guys,u know how much naatak RJ did to switch ?he tried emo ,saying u be my admin 🙂 finally i was up n helped him out,though the themes n side bars,RJ u can do a lot of experimentation !

    n i’m so proud u have already bcome an “illegal brand ambassador” in a day ! whoa !

    happy wordpressing buddy !

  12. megcloud9 said,

    @sakhi n reema 🙂

    no jaat bhed par even i am eagerly waiting for u guys to move to wp !

  13. Sandeep R said,

    I’m lovin’ it…. Making Google suck at something is an awesome feeling.. 🙂

  14. Anu said,

    Hieeeee rajaaaaa !!! [:)]
    Dunno much about WP, tere se hi sunaa yeh naam … why did u say “blogspot wats dat?” … kya prob hai blogspot mein ..
    bachpan se toh wohi use kar raha hai .. [:D]

  15. RJ said,

    @Kurt – I am already loving it 😀

    @Megs – What naatak yaa!! You just waited till 5 in the morning. I told you wait till sunrise and you didn’t want to. 😀 😛 Btw, thanks a million bunchie buddy for all the help. The password is still the same add some cool widgets and make my site look cool after your exams. 😀 Wat say?

    @Saks/Reems – Blogspot? Whats that? 😀 😛 We are all waiting for you guys to move to WP as one big family 😀

    @San – Yea I like WP. But I like Google too! 🙂

    @Anuda:) – Hieee..blogspot is for oldies 😀 😛 People like Saks/Reems/Anu they use blogspot sounds so much like goldspot…ewwww! Shift to WP and save some humiliation 😀 btw, love you buds 🙂

  16. Nikhil said,

    “awesomest writer”..? hehehe… thanks man! i’m humbled! 🙂
    And i’m sure it won’t reduce my reader count… You’re a great writer yourself! 🙂

  17. Reema said,

    Kya IT degree wala hai..asking a college student’s help for putting widgets and all on blog. Dependent @#$@#.
    //blogspot is for oldies People like Saks/Reems/Anu /// ab to tu gaya…boriya bistar bandh aur nikal le mere blog roll se HUH!!

  18. Sakhi said,

    @ Reema,
    c yaar, yeh sab to pichhe hi pad gaye hai!

    @RJ mere naam ke saath tune, kisi aur ka llink kyun dala hai? more boooo hoooo hoooo.. Very very bad…

    aur apne aap ko dost kehta hai! meanie, meanie again, ab meri katti!

    @ Meg

    will sincerely think 🙂 [when reema sees this comment, she is going to throttle me!] 😀

  19. megcloud9 said,


    hahahahha ! love your comment ! “kya IT wala hai” muhahhaha 😀


    ssssh,we’ll give her a surprise okie 🙂 dont worry,we’ll convince her also sssh

  20. Soham said,

    What were the reasons for ur move from blogspot to wordpress ??

  21. RJ said,

    @Nik – I mean it & thanks for your compliment.

    @Reems – Big deal! Learning is a life long process 😀 Chillax Reems, btw what’s blogspot?

    @Saks – hey what link are you talking about?

    @Megs – Buddy, robot, admin ssup?

    @Soham – Thanks for visiting! Enough convincing from friends and emo stuff 😀

  22. Reema said,

    @Soham Cuz he is a betrayer and easily influenced by WP brand ambassadors

  23. Reema said,

    @Meg 😀

    @RJ chill???? u call me an oldie and i should chill???? Huh aur ye joke purana ho gaya hai “what’s blogspot?” aur ek baar bola na………

    @Sakhi its ok..u r free to move if u want 😀

  24. RJ said,

    @Soham/Reems – LOL! No no betraying and stuff. I like WP more than blogspot. Its cool – till you try it you won’t be able to make the difference 😀

    @Reems – Kya nahi bolun? lekin yeh blogsot hain kya? sounds like goldspot to me 😀 Btw, when are you moving buddy? 🙂 ekdum pyaar se pooch raha hoon

    @Megs – 🙂

  25. Sakhi said,

    @ RJ

    laghukatha.wordpress.com wala… am still crying…. boo hoo hooo :((
    Ab tumne Soham ko bhi lapet mein le liya?

    @ Reems

    chill buddy, am not going anywhere (as of now) Don’t have time to shift anywhere 🙂

    @ Megs


  26. Priya said,

    WELCOME !!

    Check out for more lively themes man.

  27. Priya said,

    ” Illegal brand ambassadors ”

    Sounds so cool !! 😉

    26 commets already ! See, thats what WP does to blogs…
    increases stats and comments ! 😛

  28. RJ said,

    @Saks – Oh! I never knew that was taken already. Ooops! My bad – will edit tht!

    @Pri – Thanks for the welcome 🙂 Hey this theme is not all that bad yaaaaa!! My cutie admin is busy studying for the exams and my rockstar admin is complaining abt my dull theme – what to do!!!

  29. Rekha said,

    haa..wordpress is getting stronger . 🙂
    welcome to WP !! happy blogging!! in WP 🙂

  30. RJ said,

    @Rekha – Thanks for visiting & the welcome. I am checking your page and it says “The End” wassup madi?

  31. soham said,

    Aahh !!

    Right nowI am happy with the blogspot domain and I am getting all the widgets that I need for my blog easily .. So I think right now I will stick with blogger.com ..

  32. Rekha said,

    @ RJ
    i am a lier 😉

  33. RJ said,

    @Soham – We will wait, not so patiently 😀 😛 Come here soon!!!

    @Rekha – ahhh! I will check your posts soon. Keep visiting and make my blog your homepage 😛

  34. slayR said,

    Whats the prograaaaam guys?!!

  35. Hello! Do you know if they make any plugins to assist
    with SEO? I’m trying to get my blog to rank for some targeted keywords but I’m not seeing very
    good results. If you know of any please share.

    Many thanks!

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