June 23, 2008

Those 160 characters

Posted in Uncategorized at 5:35 am by RJ

hru? ltnc lts mt up tc lu hgs. This might seem perfect to those who understand the whole idea of text messaging. I would be addled if I received such a message. It’s time for some flashback guys. This whole concept of text messaging started the day cell phones were invented. When the phone service providers started charging extra bucks for more than 160 characters people started limiting their message length. So here you go, a whole new language is created by omitting the vowels and sometimes even the consonants. It’s called “Text Messages”

Scene this: A fresher sends a mail to his project manager. This is what he had to write – Compltd prj impl doc. Plz revw n send it acrs. I completely understood what he wanted to mention but do not appreciate such language in a formal environment. Mobile-talk creeping into the official mails is not accepted for most of the managers.

This new language also brings up a whole new concept of abbreviations. I was chatting with one of my friends related to her personal life and during the conversation she typed ‘abc’ & I did not understand what it meant so continued chatting. Later she told me that I had screwed up and it actually meant “Adult behind computer” – how the heck do you figure that out? The other so called new (atleast for me) buzz words is sos – someone over shoulder, motn? – make out tonite? (Yes, ofcourse! :D), lue – love you endlessly, brb – be right back and the list never ends.

Indians stare at unusual things. Yea, kissing on the roads is unsual and we stare. My friend & I had just finished lunch and saw two Indians kissing on the street across. He quickly exclaimed, “Do you see those ABCDE’s?” I questioned, “ABCDE’s? What’s that supposed to mean?” He replied, “American Born Confused Desi Expressing!” Phew! Who creates these words?  I have noticed people making an already shorter word more short for e.g. yes = s, care = cr, love = lv, you = u, the = da and last but not the least, ok becomes k. Can you beat that?

According to me, use of short words is a smart way of communicating through mobile phones and chat, probably not in exams and official mails. Having said that, language evolves and language is a medium of communicating between two parties. We no longer use the Shakespearean English or the Queen’s English. Soon, you could probably see a dictionary on Text Messaging words which is universally accepted.

I would want to know your take on this? Words getting shorter for good, should it be accepted in exams? Official mails? Speak your mind.

I tg al my redrs 2 wrt a pst in sch a lang da so cald txt lang. Da tg hs 2 b compltd by all blgrl fels, da 1 who is inactiv, da 1 on vatn, da 1 vistng chnai, da 1 wrtng xams, da 1 in lv, da 1 celebrtng bday, da 1 byng lappy n da 1 readng. I jz compltd mne 🙂


P.S The message above meant “How are you? Let’s meet up. Take care. Love you. Hugs” Unfortunately, I did not receive it!!


  1. Sakhi said,

    I could guess that u have tagged your fellow bloggers… but please count me out of it.. will be impossible to do this tag! 🙂

    *Soon, you could probably see a dictionary on Text Messaging words which is universally accepted.* 😀

    Nice post agaig!

  2. Sakhi said,

    I could guess that u have tagged your fellow bloggers… but please count me out of it.. will be impossible to do this tag! 🙂

    *Soon, you could probably see a dictionary on Text Messaging words which is universally accepted.* 😀

    Nice post again!

  3. Nikhil said,

    Ls hv br..!!! 😀

    (PS: this was meant to read “Let’s have beer!!!” )
    hehehe… I know sms language can get very confusing!! I hate it..

  4. Sandeep R. said,

    How you doin? wasssp… does make sense huh? 🙂

    Tags are only for active bloggers 😛

  5. RJ said,

    @Saks – You gotto do it Sakhi! 🙂 Thanks!

    @Nik – Its super confusing but I understood “ls hv br” 😀 😛

    @San – Hiieee! ssup buddy? Long time – all fine? Read it again – it says anybody who is inactive also gotto do 😀

  6. Sandeep R. said,

    got to wait then 😛

  7. Priya said,

    I’ve read many people showing discontent towards the ‘sms’ language.

    Sometimes its ok when its during mobile chating or when its btw you and your friends. Its never ok in official mails and aslo while writing blog posts.

    After sometime, we all would get bored having tried to figure out what each word meant.

    Those abbreviations that you’ve mentioned are creepy!!

    Another tag this week!! Sheeshhh!! RJ !! Its going to take a long long long time !!

  8. Anu said,

    so finally i get to read dis !!! 🙂
    Refreshed dis thing lik a zillion timesss…….
    Nice post yet again !!!

    I’m one of those ppl who tries to cut short words so dat I can say as much as I want to in 160 characters !! and i know how it is ..!! But we shudn’t be using abbreviations a lot , especially in exams.. I sometimes write “u” for “you” , its a bad habit really !

    abc was really funny wen it happened… u got to knw such short forms or u never know when u’ll get someone in trouble !! 😀

    There was one more example which I’d like to share wid others.
    My brother had recently recovered from a fracture in his right hand. I was chatting with him, and while signing off I said “Bye, take care. Hand” .. He said “Much better now!” .. I was all confused , and then I clarified Hand meant “Have A Nice Day!” 😀

    Comment’s gettin longerrrr…. hehe byeeeeeeeee…… !! n keep writin !! 🙂
    I know u willl … my frnd says “terko blogging ka paisaa milta hai lagta hai” 😀 hehehehe… she ws kiddin chalo take care

  9. sakhi said,

    no wy buds! (means no way buddie) 😀

    c i m nt so gud @ dis! n dis is max dat i cn do! 🙂 😛

  10. wasshappening said,

    i kinda dnt lk txt msg-ing… 🙂
    I sometimes type three for 3 and likewise…just to maintain the sanctity of it…
    Allowing text messages in Exams is a big NO-NO..
    One of my friends had a crush on a girl just because she used to use txt messages( one of the reasons)…lu,0r lurve for love,sos,brb made him feel that the girl is cute….wiered!!! 🙂

  11. Reema said,

    One of my sister’s friend uses most weird and incomprehensible short forms i m using mobile since so many years but still i mostly type out most words and i use T9….this short form is an outcome of not using message length limit + people not using T9 i.e. predictive text. I know few bloggers who leave comments using such short forms. That just takes the fun out of it. As for formal environment sms should be avoided. One of my juniors once informed the HoD (head of deptt) of her leave on sms!!!

  12. scorpria said,

    Am a copywriter….and i hate it tottaly when “ppl try 2 mk wrds lssr n shrtr”…end result? most people now feel it takes an hour to read “t msgs i snd”! DAMN!

    But well, since “sms” means short message service, guess its not too bad to keep it short…but when “T” stands for both “the” and “tea”, and “lt” can stand for “let” and “lot” and “lit” and “late” (and god-knows-what-more), i find it all a “v bt tf to undrstd n cmprhnd”!!!

  13. RJ said,

    @San – You know me well – I will wait till you are back 🙂

    @Pri – I will wait for a long long time 🙂 Those abbreviations are creepy – but used 😀 😛

    @Anu – HAND was funny! LOL! What does leg mean? Do we also have other body parts? 😀

    @Saks – You can’t get away like that 😀 You gotto, I will wait 🙂

    @Bhav – Super weird! Did he find the girl cute or the language cute? 😛

    @Reema – LOL! How did the HoD react?

    @Scorpria – When I messaged my friend what he would need from the store he replied back saying C Lt i.e. Corona Light so we get one more here! 😛

    @ Nikhil – are you reading 😀

  14. Sakhi said,

    i completely agree with reema.. can’t use this language as official communiction. I will blow a fuse if my junior did that! 😀 i hope some of them are reading this so that they won’t try 🙂

  15. harshasrisri said,

    i think we can have a subject of study B.Sc (SMSing) or something like that 😀
    Hw wd t b f t ws a wk lng cors n al ppl hvin grad n t?
    good or no good, its here and we r using it. but in xams n formal meets? its not acceptable. ‘coz its not “as universal as English”…

  16. Actually it is a post for the recent times.

    This language is OK in text message but not in exams or official emails. People who use such language in official emails are naive and immature. I think myself well-versed in text lino, but even I did not know what is “abc”.

  17. megcloud9 said,

    kya be,missing us huh ? 🙂

    u said d “1” writin exams,woh main hun kya or bhav??

  18. Amit said,

    I think its ok to use such language for personal use amongst friends, but should not be used in schools and in Educational Institutes. The problem is that it is seeping in because we are getting too much used to it. Even while writing comments I have to make sure that I am not using short forms. 🙂

  19. S said,

    Wt r u syng…i was rofl rdg dis. 🙂

    I hate this lingo even if it is on chatting, I don’t wanna spend time deciphering a simple message (when ppl write that as mess we are bound to get confused ;)) and niether do i want to go n ask people what does this mean & be rediculed. But the fact is that this is the ‘in’ thing these days..but as far as am concerned I would love to save time elsewhere…

    Pheew!!! had a hard time avoiding the use of shortcuts 😉

  20. Rhapsy said,

    I thnk its quite k 2 use shrt wrds to xprss urself, aftr al SMS stnds 4 tht itslf. isn’t it?

  21. Rhapsody said,

    I thnk its quite k 2 use shrt wrds to xprss urself, aftr al SMS stnds 4 tht itslf. isn’t it?

  22. RJ said,

    @Saks – 🙂 Be nice to your juniors!

    @Harsha – Thanks for dropping by buddy! I am still thinking if whether someday it could be used. What will happen to grammar, spoken english etc. I won’t be around by then, I guess!

    @Poo – Thanks for visiting! Welcome to Especiality! abc, even I was confused! even ABCDE! LOL!

    @Megs – You both da! 🙂

    @S – 🙂 i know or i no..I dont know/no to use shortcuts! 😀

    @Rhapsy – Thanks for visiting! Its okay to use, the whole point was where is it headed and acceptance in formal atmosphere!

  23. smallstar said,

    Hi. Thank you for the visit. Nice blog you have here.

    *ehm* I’m trying to learn very well short words!! 😛


  24. RJ said,

    @Smallstar – Thanks for visiting! I can teach you nice short words 😀 like kz for kisses 😀

  25. smallstar said,

    ‘kz’? Can you employ me this? 🙂 thanks

  26. RJ said,

    I will employ ‘kz’ in the next life! Remm u guy, me gal 😀 😛 I think I will kiss better as a girl! LOL! 😀

  27. smallstar said,

    Kz? Oh my god! I’ve understood too late! Is kisses! 😀

  28. RJ said,

    @Smallstar – Yah! 🙂

  29. smallstar said,

    Thank you!

  30. RJ said,

    @Smallstar – bacio 🙂

  31. smallstar said,

    Un bacione anche a te { a big kiss to you, too}

  32. RJ said,

    @Smallstar – Yes yes same to you…Un bacione anche a te!! 😀 😛

  33. smallstar said,

    :* you’re very adorable, man!

  34. smallstar said,

    You cannot understand how much happy I am to have met you!! *SMACKKK*

  35. smallstar said,

    http://m.youtube.com/details?v=81ZAccnkHmQ&warned=1&v2=1&locale=en_US this is right. *eheh*

  36. RJ said,

    @Smallstar – Hey I was out on a neeting in office – sorry coudn’t comment then! I too feel so happy to have met ya! *happy happy* 😛

    Thanks for the song! *lotsa bacio*

  37. smallstar said,

    *and we all 2 are happy to have met us* (is there any errors? 😛 )

    do u like the song? 😀

  38. smallstar said,

    Hey nice man! C u 2moro! A huge hug before leave you! *HUG* 🙂

  39. RJ said,

    @Smallstar – I love the song 🙂 😛 Thanks buddy!

    C U 2moro! *huge hug frm me too!* 😛

  40. smallstar said,

    Happy Saturday man! *kiss, hug and a big smile*

  41. RJ said,

    @Smallstar – Thanks Roberta! You too have a lovely weekend! Happy Sunday! 🙂 *kiss, hug and a bigger smile 😀 back at ya*

  42. smallstar said,

    Awww thank youuu! *kiss* *kiss* *kiss* *kiss* *kiss* *kiss* *kiss* 😀 😀

  43. Shruti said,

    I think I’ll do this tag. Wait for my take on it!

    Awesome post! Got me hooked!!!

  44. RJ said,

    @Shruti – Thanks Shru! I’m waiting for your take on this!

  45. slayR said,

    4…3…2…1…0….-1…-2… c’mon man, light it up…..this is going no where! I am waiting for the big one!

  46. pritiahuja said,

    Nice post… even I didn’t know about this abc, sos ans abcde thing! And the last paragraph in that sms lingo made my head spin… LOL…

  47. RJ said,

    @slayR – You will get a big one soon 😛

    @Priti – Yea some msgs spin my head too! But the last para was simple – I wrot the whole thing forst and then deleted to make it look like sms language. Am I getting old or soemthg? 😛

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