July 3, 2008

Weekend Special

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I have been watching movies like a mad man over the last weekend and continue to do so. It’s been some fye food, cool movies and the much needed relaxation all past week. Close friends know that I am a crazy movie buff and for me movies need not leave a long lasting impression. If the movie manages to entertain me for that 133 mins, I would be a happiest person on the face of this earth! Read on – no spoilers!

Movie #1 – Wanted (James McAvoy, Angelina Jolie, Morgan Freeman)

First things first, tattoed Angelina is sexy as ever! The movie begins with the cubicle life of Wesley Gibson (James McAvoy) who googles his name everyday to find out where his life is moving. Ofcourse, the search result was “No standard web pages containing all your search terms were found”

He is confused, like all of us and his life was taken for a ride by his boss, his girlfriend and his best friend. This is when he meets Fox (Angelina Jolie..hmmmm!) who changes his life completely. She is sent from the “Fraternity” to protect Wesley from the murdered who killed his father. Fraternity (group of assasins) is lead by Sloan (Morgan Freeman) who is in his coolest best as always. The Fraternity forces Wesley to take a series a tranining sessions. One interesting stuff was to bend a bullet – the movie should have been named “Bend it like Wesley!”

You could also get to see hollywoodish style Rajnikant movies, the 2 bullets killing each other & bullets travelling in a circular motion! all in all a flick you can sit back, relax and watch. Leave your brains and mind back home! The movie ends with a thought provoking dialogue (atleast for me) – “What the fuck have you been doing lately?”

P.S Guys – There is a 5 millisec tattoed back Angelina! Enjoyable butt just 5 millisecs!

Rating – 3/5

Movie #2 – Get Smart (Steve Carell, Anne Hathaway)


Maxwell Smart aka Agent 86 (Steve Carell) and Agent 99 (Anne Hathaway) work in a U.S spy agency. Long story short, they partner to fight when the U.S spy agency control is attacked. Its a comedy flick with Agent 86 is at his expression best!

The film is would get you a occasional smile but its nowhere close to the out and out comedy you would expect. Agent 86 and Agent 99 have a chemistry goin all thoughout and you have to watch it to figure that out. Agent 86’s silliness or Agent 99’s delicious looks? What would you root for? All in all a DVD watch!

Rating – 2.5/5

The other movies that I watched over the weekend and this week are My Mom’s new Boyfriend (2.5/5), One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (4/5). I am watching ‘Paradise Now’ now.

Drooling over Angelina,



  1. Soham said,

    I want to watch – One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest ..

    Kindly provide its brief review if you get some leisure time.. That will be helpful..

    Well, I also love angelina so I might watch wanted this weekend..

    Thanks for the reviews though .. Short and Sweet ..

  2. S said,

    For me Wanted = to be relased Salman Flick 😀

    Happy Drooling to you 😉

  3. smallstar said,

    You have make me wishing to watch Wanted!! LOL

    ~have a happy, funny, great, nice and sweet Thursday, Raja!!~

  4. smallstar said,

    Awww ‘made’, not ‘make’! Sorryyyyy

  5. Rekha said,

    ho lord! these many movies ..ur really a movie buff!! :d

  6. I have been wanting to watch a DVD for Darjeeling Limited for long. BUt me lazy bone has not been able to do it. I envy you for being able to watch so many movies.

    I would like to watch One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, you have also rated it high.

    He is confused, like all of us and his life was taken for a ride by his boss, his girlfriend and his best friend.

    Really, is it so for everyone. I doubt it. 😛

  7. sakhi said,

    Hey nice review there… of angelina’s tattooed back (!) 😛

    Enjoy your week end…and don’t go for the said ride u are taken on by your sexy polka-dots-dress-wearing boss ! 😉

  8. sakhi said,

    @ Poo

    “Really, is it so for everyone. ” good one! 😀 😀

  9. Hail Angelina

  10. RJ said,

    @Soham – Thanks! Its hort and sweet coz’ only yesterday I got to know that I am not really the review kinda guy! Damn – its difficult to recollect the whole movie and write about it!

    P.S Don’t miss WANTED – Just for Angie!

    One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest
    Jack Nicholson is Randle Patrick McMurphy who is admitted to an asylum for his weird behaviour which everybody claims is a mental instability. He pretends to be mad to be out of the prison. The mental asylum is not a very cool place to be and our McMurphy guy tries to liven up the place a bit by playing cards and basketball with fellow inmates. The head nurse doesn’t approve any of his moves so he inspires his fellow patients to rebel against the authoritative nurse (Miss Ratched).

    All in all a must watch.

    @S – Aaahh! Salman! Salman! Salman! 😀 😛

    @Smallstar – I think you should. The Wesely guy looks promising!
    You too have a lovely Thursday! 🙂 Weekend is not that far!

    @Rekha – Yea! I am up and running for movies anytime 🙂

    @Poo – Darjeeling Limited – ??!! Never knew we had a movie like that! I will search it and see I can get hold of that movie.

    //He is confused, like all of us and his life was taken for a ride by his boss, his girlfriend and his best friend.

    The confusion part was all of us, now I think I should have added ‘most of us’ A stream of shiver passes through your spine at the end of the movie (Wanted) – when he says, “What the fuck have you been doing lately?” And everybody in the theatre started clapping!

    Don’t you get a feeling of being taken for a ride? Sometimes?

    @Sakhi – My polka dots wearning boss is ignoring my sexual vibes 🙂

    @Lovely Princess – Hail Angelina! Hail Angelina’s back! Hail Angelina’s tatooed back! 😀 😛 Welcome to my space!

  11. Reema said,

    @Poonam Darjeeling limited??? I disliked the movie. I could just watch half hr of it.

  12. @Reema: What are you saying? I heard rave reviews about it. I will check out the movie today. I will return with bloggers who are responsible for spreading such rumours. 🙂

  13. smallstar said,

    @the king RJ: and now I SURELY am going to watch it… :mrgreen: XD XD

    yeah, weekend is not far! Yippieee!! 😀 😛

    {{{LOVELY HUGS}}}

  14. Amit said,

    I too want to watch the first one. 😉
    Right now I have atleast 100 movies in my laptop ready to be watched and I don’t have time. 😐

  15. RJ said,

    @Poo/Reems – Make up your mind and give us a honest opinion 🙂

    @Roberta: 😀 I am already enjoying ma weekend! Friday is off 😀 😛

    @Amit – Wanted it is! No time? What ya do?

  16. @RJ, Reema: I watched Darjeeling Limited. It was not bad, and also not so good as I had heard again and again. 🙂

  17. smallstar said,

    Damn!! 😀 *enjoy, my dear!* Instead I am still in a boring Friday… lol

  18. Sandeep R. said,

    what the faraday have you been doin lately? 😛

  19. RJ said,

    @San – I think I should be asking you that? Reincarnation done? 😛 *waiting*

  20. NV said,

    hi raja…..

    now a days u know i dont read newspaper……as i get to know many things from ur blogs….likemovies…its reviews….brands….stories….good gng buddy..

    Keep movieing… 🙂 …

  21. RJ said,

    @NV – Hey nice to hear that! Corona too! 😀 😛

  22. wasshappening said,

    i have loads of time to watch all the possible movies on earth..(Exams Over!!!!…and it Sucked to the Core..) 😦
    Wanted to watch Get Smart…Wanted…Hmmmm…What will i do with angie…
    I saw Jaane tu….Wow!!!! it rocked 🙂

  23. Nikhil said,

    Lol… funny reviews, man! From what you’ve told about bending bullets, circular bullets, and other ‘ishtyle’ stunts, i think movie is probably worth watching only for the butt-shot… 😀
    And all these movies seem to be the same… some super-human hero comes to save the clueless protagonist from some unknown danger, blah blah blah… its a successful formula so far… but i wonder for how long… 😀

    And yes, get smart is a decent movie… i’d watch it again! 😀

  24. RJ said,

    @Bhav – Exams over! Hurray! high-fives! 🙂 I saw Jaane Tu and it was cute 🙂

    @Nik – You want to watch wanted for the butt and other bullet things too! 🙂
    Get smart again – depends with whom you are going 🙂 I would watch it again on DVD 😀

  25. dewi said,

    i have watch it..it’s verry ouch worried..but i’m happy to them!!

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