July 5, 2008

Jaane Too cute!

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Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na (Imran Khan, Genelia)

It’s cute. Go for it! First things first, major credit of this movie goes to Abbas Tyrewala. We all knew him as this amazing scriptwriter and he’s no less a director. It’s Aamir Khan, so Imran Khan and it was QSQT so it is NOT Jaane Tu. Both the movies are love stories but there’s no comparison whatsoever. The self stabbing scene was serious and probably late 80s or early 90s stuff( people stab each others now! 😀 ), but Jaane Tu joins the league of cute, romantic, to-be-liked-by-macho-guys love stories (Read: Fresh!)

Right from scene one the movie comes as a cool zephyr, trust me a much needed one! Its a simple ‘friendship turns love’ story, every frame shot with loads of sweetness, innocence and cuteness. Probably, Imran’s perfect launch pad, Genelia is cute (did I say cute again?) and whoa they make a perfect couple for this kinda story! The rest of the cast is perfect and few new fresh faces with no over dramatic roles. Yea! there’s 3 guest appearances and they were all funny and cute! Cute again!

Jai (Imran Khan) has a best  friend Aditi (Genelia) and they call each other Rats and Meow. Cute nooo? No, they don’t love each other but their chemistry is intense. They are on the phone all the time, extremely possessive about each other but they don’t love each other. What happens next? Aditi finds a girl for her best friend and Jai decides to do they same thing for Aditi. And we all know how it ends when things start to shape like this. Its a fun ride, its about friendship, best friends, relationships & love.

Most of the scenes are executed nicely but one particular scene to mention is when Aditi and Jai dance with their respective fiance` and stare at each other. There was that special something about the scene. Folks – send me your reactions to the movie plus your thoughts on best friends as best friends and best friends as that special someone. What happens to your possessiveness after you meet your special someone?

Rating – 3.5/5


  1. Anu said,

    well first of all I’m sick of hearin “jaane tu is amazingggg…” , “it rocksss yaa” , “jhakaaas hai be..” …. I stood in a queue yest and didn’t get tickets for da show !! Sat-sun housefull !!!! 😦

    About possessiveness, I would say its alright to be a little possessive about ur best friend or friend but not in a way that it affects the friendship.. or if the other does not approve of it…
    And the possessiveness DOES obviously disappear when you meet that special someone, cuz u start payin more attention to him/her …

    wat do u think ???

  2. Anu said,

    And it disappears for good !!!!

  3. RJ said,

    @Anu – Don’t worry – you won’t get the tickets till next weekend I think 😀 😛

    What I think is similar to what you think. 🙂 To add to it, I would do whatever it takes to keep the special someone happy even if it hurts a few closed ones. The closed ones would understand 🙂

  4. S said,

    I love this genre of movies, period.

    So am watching it 2moro (tickets are in my bag :D)

    Possessiveness??? Well I have never been possessive in my relationships, sounds too textbookish but thats the fact. I believe in giving and demanding space so…

    But then I also feel that a bit of possessiveness doesn’t hurt either way..

  5. Joel said,

    Thanks for the review RJ. Was waiting for someone to write one. Well makes me watch the movie desperately, but also damn tickets aren’t available. I’ll be trying for this movie by the next weekend…Hope I get to see it..

  6. smallstar said,

    I absolutely HATE possessiveness… I leave all the possible freedom to my partner (is just an example, I am single), and I pretend the same freedom!!! 🙂

    for me, possessiveness is a thing that suffocate own partner…and it isn’t good.

  7. Rekha said,

    oh yea Imran is chhooooo cute!!! 😀
    n nice story ..friendship ..im luving it! 🙂 …n at last wt happens..they remain as friends only na?
    n u forgot to mention abt its music dude!! :mrgreen:
    well its music attract me the most 😀

  8. RJ said,

    @S – //I believe in giving and demanding space so…But then I also feel that a bit of possessiveness doesn’t hurt either way..//

    😀 Make up your mind 🙂 Btw my question wasnt about possessiveness in a rlationship

    @Joel – Wish you all th best! Try catching up in a weekday, if that’s possible. 😀

    @Smallstar – My question wasn’t about possessiveness. Btw you need your freedom that’s why you give you partner all the freedom?? LOL! Smarty!

    @Rekha – It’s AR Rahman and writing about his music is like belittling his work. Rahman rules all in all. Moreover, I am an okay kinda movie critic – still learning to write!

    What happens in the end you gotto watch it. No spoilers 🙂 Keep in mind that its a bollywood flick 😀 😛

    @All – My question at the end is not about possessiveness in a relationship with your special someone. Its about the possessiveness you share with your best friend – what happens to that after you neting your special someone! I think only Anu got the question. 🙂

    I know possessiveness is bad 🙂 I have seen extreme cases of possessive people and I wish them thier much needed luck! God Bless them! 😀

  9. smallstar said,

    @RAJA: ahah I just wanted say my opinion about possessiveness… 😀

    BTW, I’m inspired to do a post abt it!! 😉

  10. RJ said,

    @Smallstar – I know I am very inspirational types! 😛 Do it! I can’t wait to read! baci

  11. Reema said,

    Sigh! As u dont like animation movies, I dont like romantic mushy movies. There are few typos in the post. Check them out.

  12. rohit said,

    JT wz good. I watched it yesterday and hope you are not sailing in the boat with the questions. I already answered them 🙂 Chillax da

  13. RJ said,

    @Reema – No animation in life – ok, if not good.
    No romance in life – not good. 😀 😛

    Typos? correct them naa..you have my password! 🙂 phuleezzzz!

    @Rohit – I am off that boat 😀
    I knew about your JT and girl-in-white-sipping-mango-lassi girl 😀 😛

    Kaisa laga? 😛

  14. Nikhil said,

    Hmmm.. .No, not my idea of $10.. 😀
    somehow, it doesn’t strike me as worth it… somehow… 😀

  15. Reema said,

    No animation = no imagination power = boring person
    no romantic movie doesnt necessarily mean no romance in life 😛 kinda bored with all frndship into love movies. Btw who gave this second award? did u give it to urself? ahhhh kya hai aalsi….mujhse mehnat karwayega.

    @Nikhil Great minds think alike!! 😛

  16. smallstar said,

    I have done the post! :p

    and thank you for being a my inspiration, everytime.

    *bahut saare pappi, my sweet aadmi*

  17. Reema said,

    Shall we soon u to take the path Nikhil is on? and get to read a post about it ? 😛

  18. Sandeep R said,

    then? 😛

  19. RJ said,

    @Nik – It was $8 weekend and you saying this? How about this movie plus your date? 😀

    @Smallstar – I will read your post in a minute from now Phewwww! Your hindi is getting raunchy 😀 😛

    @Reema – It was awarded by Rekha!

    @San – then what? 🙂

  20. Rekha said,

    I gave him a karate kick first n then he started crying so i thought to give him a another award to cheer him up!! 😀

  21. Reema said,

    @Rekha He is a big crybaby no? 😀

  22. RJ said,

    @Rekha/Reema – CORRECTION: I wasn’t crying with the karate kick on the groin. I almost was flat on the ground due to the pain! Crying nahi..dying 🙂

    Thanks for the 2nd award 🙂

  23. smallstar said,

    Hey! My hindi is improving just ’cause you are teaching me very well!!! Thank you! 🙂 😛

  24. priya said,

    I think one shud learn to balance best frnds n “special sumone”.The scales shud be even.A slight imbalance n ther u go..a pandemonium!!! Its all about being streetsmart,dats it!

  25. Anu said,

    @Reema …
    hey i like animation movies tooo … one of my fav ones is ICE AGE … scrat is so cute na 🙂
    and abt romantic mushy movies, yuppp they r boringgg…..

    Welllllll and about RJ , he’s DEFINITELY not a boring person (ask me!) !! though his choice might be 😛 (kiddin..)

  26. wasshappening said,

    i Loveddd this movie….Reminded me of sooo many things…could somehow relate to it….
    Imran is soooo cute…and my love for Chocolate guys continues….

    i liked that scene…where they stare at each other while dancing with their to-be spouse…I also liked the Climax..though its dragged….
    Cute is the word for it…
    Not only the romance but there were certain issues that they have shown very well…The way parents are accepting their children’s love for their boy/girl friends
    I loved the scene in which Jay tells his mom about Meghana and she will be more than happy for him…I found aditi’s brother Hot….A Fresh movie and a complete entertainer…
    I saw jaane tu yesterday and its still fresh in my mind….

  27. harshasrisri said,

    the special someone thing was there throughout the movie, but it didn’t take the form of love in the first part. it is said that love is enhanced by distance and this distance between them made them lovers eventually. i watched the movie on first day itself and being light headed and romantic most of the time, i liked it.
    coming to best friend becoming special someone, apparently it looks fine, in fact amazing. but it is possible to take a twist. like, friends can take each other for granted at almost all times. but in love, there are a few more adjustments to be made. i can speak on and on, for, this is one of my favorite topic – pyaar, rihta, dosti, etc. i’ll continue after your initial reaction…

    Jaanu Mein… ya jaanu naa! 😛

  28. megcloud9 said,


    yeah,meghana 😀


    fresh is probably the most used term for this movie,but it suits it perfectly.

    some scenes r completely unrealistic ! like the potrait shah talking ! 🙂 horse rides,jail jaana,par fim toh film hota hai 🙂
    i’m a great fan of genelia ever since Boyz,Bommarillu,have u watched those 2 movies ?
    This movie’s second half dragged on reallyyyy ! humour was the highlight,obv since abbas is a script writer by default ! 🙂

    i loved d movie more cos we saw it after exams ! 😀

  29. megcloud9 said,

    regarding d dance scene

    love hurts !

  30. Oxy (Rhapsy) said,

    My reaction is in my blog. I hope you read this entry of mine. In nutshell, JTYJN sucked.

  31. RJ said,

    @Anu – Thanks buddy! That’s sweet 🙂

    @Reema – Dekha! Dekha! 😛

    @Bhav – *same feelings* except for the Imran part 😛 I loved Genelia and have alays liked her from ‘Sachin’ & ‘Boys’ days!

    Certain scenes were really nice
    1. Dance scene
    2. Aditi crying coz’ college ends
    3. Jai confronting to his mom about Aditi and he loves her
    4. Jai and Aditi’s meet before Aditi plans to leave for the US
    5. Naseer & Ratna’s love chiclets

    & many more!

    @Harsha – Ah-haan, so we have one more relationship guru! If you are a gal that ‘jaanu mein..ya jaanu naa’ statement at the end is very sweet and same to you! If you are a guy then, ‘Dude! It’s kinda gay!’ 😀 😛

    I second your thoughts on pyaar, rishta & dosti 🙂

    @Megs – Hieeee 🙂 Welcome back! Missed ya!

    I know some scenes are unrealistic but it was kinda cute too, haina?
    I have seen her in Sachin and Biys, not Bommarillu – which lang is that? All in cute movie and a nice watch specially after the exams 🙂

    Buddy, love doesnt hurt all that 🙂 but yah! sometimes it does – but no fun without the pain 😀

    @Oxy (Rhapsy) – 🙂 You like my review though? 😀

  32. Reema said,

    @Anu Good to know u like animation movies too!! and find romantic ones boring 🙂 Great to know RJ is not boring.

    @RJ Hmmm. Good u have such loyal friends. As for //love doesnt hurt all that//
    There is no pain more excruciating than the pain of a broken heart… especially the heart which has been broken by betrayal. and given a choice its better to not have loved at all than to have loved and lost.

  33. RJ said,

    @Reema – love = broken heart? always???

  34. Reema said,

    No not always if someone is lucky in love. 🙂

  35. soham shah said,

    I m goin for it in about 2 hours .. Let us see how it goes??

  36. Oxy said,

    Oh yes, considering u liked the movie, u echoed ur thoughts quite well… with philosophical closing line…:)

  37. Priya said,

    I want to watch it too !! I’m dying to see Imran !!


    You made me wanna watch it even more !!

    And Yes Yes Yes They’re CUTE !!

  38. Priya said,

    I so love the title track of the movie !!

    Imrans really really really cute !

  39. S said,

    Smarty huh!!! I meant am not possessive in any relationship but if u r taking a 3rd party opinon kind of thing I don’t mind it too.

    BTW saw the movie and loved it…

  40. Ava said,

    when you are in love with someone – or into someone, you cannot help being possessive.. period. esp if you are insecure. but with time, and a growing feeling of security the possessiveness goes.

    my advice? bite your arms, scream at walls, do anything, but dont show the partner you are insecure or possessive.

  41. Anu said,

    @Reema & Rj,

    Ya, its far better to not love at all , than love and lose.. a broken heart is the worst thing ever..

  42. Sakhi said,

    @ RJ

    sorry buddy am so late in commenting, actually wasnt online for quite osmetime!

    went for the movie esterday and ws it Awesome!

    i mean it was sooooooooooooooooooo cute and reminded of me of my old days! truly loved it! 🙂 🙂

  43. I liked the movie too, I have written briefly about it. There was no much to write about it though. 🙂 More than anything (read story), it was the storytelling that was good. Nice performances helped. 🙂

  44. RJ said,

    @Reema – 🙂 Not always, so we shouldn’t generalise! There are many people in love with no pain 🙂 Lucky bastards 😀 😛

    @Smallstar – Yes Yes!! I think in sometime your hindi will be better than mine. Btw, I meant drop your number in the comments 🙂

    @Soham – How was it? Did you ike it?

    @Oxy – philosophical closing line – yeah! 🙂 I like it a bit dramatic 😀 😛

    @Pri – Imran just looks like me 🙂 I will send you my pics 😀

    @S – Ahhh..waise..ok gotcha! Yea twas a good movie – just that oxy didn’t like it 🙂

    @Ava – Welcome to Especiality!

    //bite your arms, scream at walls, do anything, but dont show the partner you are insecure or possessive. – Ahh thats funny, but true 🙂 I just love insanely and that is mistaken as being possessive 😀

    @Anu – Optimistic babes, be optimistic! Love and win over it & not break your heart 🙂

    @Saks – Yea very late! Aajkal tera dhyaan extra marital affair mein hain 😀

    @Poo – I am gonna read your post in about a minute 🙂 Let me see your views on the movie..oops story telling 🙂

  45. RJ said,

    @Smallstar – Thanks 😉 you know for what! 🙂 Talk to ya soon 😛

  46. smallstar said,

    @RJ: de nada! 😉 I can’t wait!! 😛

  47. Oxy said,

    Ah, dramatic… interesting… lage raho..:)

  48. smallstar said,

    @my love Raja= I love your voice. I love everything about you. I absolutely LOVE YA!! 😀

    you’ve totally conquered my small heart. ❤

    I’m waiting for a ur visit in ITALY! You alredy are a perfect italiano! 😉

  49. Sakhi said,

    tu haath mein aaya to bahut maar khayega! 🙂 extra marital affair it seems! 😛 GOD!

  50. Reema said,

    @Sakhi see and understand the source of Sarah.

    @RJ Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  51. megcloud9 said,

    bommarillu is a telugu movie,genelia is the bright cheery character in it 🙂 awesome one

  52. sakhi said,

    @ reems… yes, yes now i see! 😉 ha…ha…ha….

    @ RJ what man? hamse chhupata hai? 😉 🙂 😛

  53. RJ said,

    @Oxy – So, did you like the movie? 😛

    @Smallstar – Whewwww! I’m glad! Somebody’s heart is conquered 😛

    @Sakhi – 😀 Ain’t it cool? 😛

    @Reema – Sarah’s source is somewhere else I think 🙂

    @Megs – I heard Bommarillu songs yesterday. Sounds cool – though didn’t understand a word. 😀

    @Sakhi – Naah felli – nothg to chupao 🙂

    @Smallstar – *shy looks*

  54. smallstar said,

    @RJ: yeah. You’vd conquered mine. 🙂

  55. RJ said,

    @Smallstar – I am confused now, anyways chuck it!

  56. smallstar said,

    @my pyaar king: what I must do to make you smiling??? Mmmh I think that a big kiss is the ideal thing! 😉

  57. vimal said,

    “Aditi and Jai dance with their respective fiance` and stare at each other” – My fav scene in the movie; but I guess the song that played in the background gave that effect.

    You already know my opinion about the movie, so not penning it down here again.

    Lemme add you to my favs. see ya again.

  58. smallstar said,

    @RJ: mmmhhh are you still confused??? ❓

    muaaaaaaaackkk!!! :*

  59. RJ said,

    @Smallstar – *I am smiling* 🙂

    @Vimal – So you liked the movie haan? 😛 You are already in my blogroll 🙂

  60. smallstar said,

    @RJ: HURAYYYYY!!! I’m smiling, tooooo!!! :)))

    I think you deserve all the love in this planet… Especially MINE! *kiss* *kiss* *kiss* *kiss* *kiss*

  61. Joel said,

    @RJ: Ya, weekdays itself. Was planning about it tomorrow and my friend just msgd me and said that will go on monday… And again an delay..!

  62. Nova said,

    Awwwwww… I thought someone dint like mushy movies!!! 😛

  63. SHRADDHA said,


  64. SHRADDHA said,


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