July 17, 2008

I am saving energy! *grin*

Posted in Uncategorized at 3:55 pm by RJ

Hey Folks! This week and last week have been extremely busy and moreover me and my sexy-looking-polka-dots-hair-falling-over-forehead boss are getting closer day by day. Before you read my mind out, we are just having more meetings! I was out of the blogging space for a good two weeks and stuck with aphonic commenting. But, I got news to share! Good green news!

I was watching the IIFA awards with my friend over the weekend and the “Green Project” caught my attention. Basically, all stars talking about global warming and effects of it and how we could all prevent it and save planet earth. AB said:

If not you, who? If not earth, where? If not now, when?

These words make more sense than mere words when converted into thoughts, I thought. I asked myself, What the *faraday* I have been doing lately to save energy in any form? So day-before yesterday we (me and assholemy roomie) were on a energy saving mission. We called it the bulb changing day. Here’s the step by step process to do it.

  1. Count the number of incandescent bulbs aka energy sucker bulbs in your house
  2. Notice the unwanted watts you have been burning and make your roomie feel guilty
  3. Give a long philosophical speech about global warming and steal AB’s words – believe me it gives you that extra kick and feel!
  4. The roomie feels more guilty, convince him to drive till walmart and get new energy saver bulbs. He retorts in negation and that’s when you know you got to accompany him
  5. Get new evergy saver bulbs, light up the house and feel proud of saving some energy

On a serious note, this may be just one small step to save energy in turn save earth, but there are a million ways you can do it. I am not gonna preach the different ways but everyone of us has a role to play. Since everybody is talking about global warming, saving planet earth, life existence in mars, let’s just concentrate the help. Blog fellas – let me know your contribution, if you may or your plan!



  1. Joel said,

    Well the words which AB said where really inspiring. I think RJ whatever you’ve said is right. Now its the time for us to think on how to save this planet.
    I was planning if we could organize a meet (bloggers-meet) on this. I don’t know whether this would work out but was just thinking.

    And BTW my contribution is that I have stopped the usage of plastics. Not stopped completely but slowly gaining up the speed.
    Tough to handle parents at home… phew!

  2. Reema said,

    Every big thing starts with a small step. Good for u!!! But about the celebrities, its quite another thing to put into practice what they speak about. Be it their numerous cars or big energy consuming houses etc etc. I m sure if we get to know their daily activities , we will know how wasteful they r in real lives.

  3. RJ said,

    @Joel – Don’t think, just work on it! You would get what you want 🙂 Btw, count me in 🙂 I think more than anybody else, it’s we ourselves.

    Out of context, something that really inspired me a few days back was when my friend mentioned “to grow in the speed of thought” under career interests in orkut. Courtesy: San 🙂

    @Reema – I am suprised how you had to mention about celebrities and their wastage! It’s like seeing and concentrating on the black dot on a whole white sheet. For once, we could pick up the ball from others’ court and roll it forward. What ya say?

  4. Devil said,

    Hey u knw wot even i had those energy saving bulbs wen i was in US…now in India we planning to hav solar energy generators fr entire building of ours.. but havnt found how to go abt it.. we still in the look out if generating electricity, water supply is possible thru solar generators….its v exp but life time investment…. wot say?

  5. vimal said,

    way to go RJ. You have opened my ….(ahem!) eyes! This is a nice way to think green, for a start. But is Green Project only about energy saving?
    I still feel recycling of various stuffs, like how we find in the western countries, should be adopted here. or is it my ignorance; do we already have it here in India?

    Btw, you would have saved a lot of your personal energy by not watching JTYJN !!! 😀

  6. Sri said,

    You are one ********* rommie. Guys never stay with this guy 🙂

  7. Smallstar said,


    *A BIG KISS 4 RJ*

  8. Reema said,

    Well I was just pointing out that these preachers only preach and dont practice what they preach. And I did cuz u have mentioned IFFA awards and AB. I know we have to do our share but I think there is no harm in writing in a comment what I felt like saying. I guess I should have ended at “Good for u!!”. Next time surely.

  9. soham said,

    Buddy, for me global warming is just a hype created by western nations for their intrests..

    It’s a simple yet interesting theory .. We all know that natural resources and crude oil are limited and they are on the verge of ending in about 10-15 years from now.. The countries like USA-UK etc cant run without oil .. So to save it and prevent common people from wasting it, they created this global warming theory .. When there is a fear of something, human beings follow the rules.. E.g. there is a fine for not wearing ahelmet or seat belt hence we wear it .. There is a death penalty for murder hence we dont shoot everybody.. There is a fear of getting into jail or paying heavy fines hence we dont commit several crimes or we dont reak rules..Global warming is a fear..Fear of climate change, tsunamis, eatrhquakes, floods etc.. Hence we human beings try to save energy and oil.. I have read several articles on internet about it and that’s why I am saying it.. It’s not my theory as such..

    Fear can hold you prisoner, hope can set you free..

    LOL !!

  10. RJ said,

    @Devil – Damn, I think you would be the 1st ones to do so 🙂 ery expesive and worth the investment.You rich fellas can afford 😀

    @Vimal – No its not just about energy saving. It’s about saving the planet. Recycling has not taken great guns in Mumbai yet but I did find some hoardings last time I was in the city (Nov 07)

    @Sri – 😀 😛 Tomm is your cooking turn – use less of oil and gas! 🙂

    @Smallstar – Thanks! I am flattered! 🙂

    @Reema – *Yawn!* Defensive comment!!

    @Soham – Yea quiet interesting! Moreover, we want to save this planet not only with the fear of global warming. More so, coz’ this is the only planet which has GIRLS & beer! 😀 😛

  11. Reema said,

    defensive comment???????????? was ur comment offensive?????? and are we having a war of words? oh then let the duel begin.

  12. Nikhil said,

    I am gonna wear green shirts, green pants and green undies from now on! 😀
    Welcome back, dude! 😀

  13. Nikhil said,

    You just can’t help yourself, can you? 😀

  14. Nees said,

    @Joel – Good start dude !!! worth appreciating. I am sure if every one atleast gives it a start, we will have real positive results.

    @ RJ – Nice topic buddy  It good to see that you could take out some sensitive issue out of the IIFA episode, rather than just watching heroines dancing  May be we are not so serious about the Global Warming because we feel that we would not be the once who would suffer. If at all earth has to blast it will happen once we have closed our eyes. But the point to be kept into consideration is that this evil will not let us live properly. I am sure people would give respect to the sensitivity of the matter. It’s a journey and well begun dude 

    @Reema – It feels real sorry to see that people still find some or the other reason to criticize. When you talk about seeing a black dot on white sheet, then baby you have done nothing different. Rather than seeing the whole intention and initiative RJ has come up with, you see the fact that he was inspired by filmstars. It should be of no importance who and when inspired him, point to be pondered upon is that atleast he DID. And as you truly said, their real lives could be much bad, but that shouldn’t stop you from going green. Too much defensive..are you sulking or something?
    {No Offense babes !!!!}

  15. RJ said,

    @Reema – I ain’t need any war of words. Sorry no time to waste! 😛

    @Nik – Thanks for the welcome! You know I was *fruitful* around 😀 Also, thanks for the green wardrobe! Something is better than nothing 😛
    Abt Reema – We will help her 😀 😛

  16. Reema said,

    @Niks/RJ Kindly keep ur help to urself. I’m seriously not getting what is there in my comment that “I just cant help myself”!! 1st of all I didnt start it. If i say what i felt like commenting and the author of blog says “its surprising etc etc” and imply i m focusing on some black dot on white thing then I need to clear myself cuz i feel that way i lose the freedom to comment what i want to. It feels as if what all the author wants to hear is “good post!” etc etc.

  17. A small step, but a very important step. 🙂 I have been writing about this, I am glad to see someone else too acting on it. 🙂

  18. soham said,

    YOu never know buddy .. Mars could hv more beautiful girls and more ass-kicking stuff like Beers !!

    So ruin the eatrh and go on MArs !!

    LOL !!

  19. Sandeep R. said,

    haha.. nice nice.. (RJ, you know which part i’m referring to :P)

    try making your roomie guilty about fuel guzzler 😛 😀

    great going!
    I agree with you.. film stars are just showoffs. Someone must have written that dialogue for AB.. and RJ is impressed!
    but ya, if that has impressed him for something good let it be so..

    RJ, don’t try to woo some babe like Ash.. it might not work 😛 😀

  20. Reema said,

    @Nees I think the problem is that the author and some of his/her readers tend to take a general criticism as directed towards the author. Thats why this black dot stuff and also ur comment. For heaven’s sake why cant u guys see that i was criticizing the celebs not RJ!!! Being an environmental engineer i very well see what good work RJ did. I was not criticizing him for getting inspired from some celeb. I was simply stating that the celebs dont practice what they preach. Its funny that u guys choose to ignore the //Every big thing starts with a small step. Good for u!!! // part in my comment. I m amazed at the magnitude of misinterpretation of a simple comment and hence i m explaining. And what is too defensive?? Clearing one’s stand? So i think i m expected to just read the author’s reply n move on?? Sorry but i have a mind to think and a voice to express.

    @RJ Bahut mushkil ho gaya hai apni mann ki baat kehna on blog or in comment nowadays. Koi generally bhi kuch baat nahi keh sakta aaj kal. Sab apne pe lene lag jaate hai.

  21. Smallstar said,

    @Raja: now I’m going to employ you my problem:
    I can’t surf in internet through the application that I have ever used… I can not administrate my blog, so I am sorry to miss… For now I just can visit u with another way that I find problematic and complicated.

    Btw, I think that tomorrow or the next Saturday I will back!! 😉 *HUGS* SMACKKKKK

  22. Joel said,

    @RJ: I would see what can be done about that…! (Will talk about that to some of my friends)
    And this, “to grow in the speed of thought” is something really interesting. I liked the phrase…!

  23. […] 18, 2008 · No Comments RJ has vowed to use CFLs, I too have been chief advocate of CFLs myself. I have also posted a Common Craft video that tells […]

  24. Nikhil said,

    SRK’s line on energy consumption-
    *** Bijli ko bachaana mushkil hi nahin, naamumkin hai ***

  25. Sakhi said,

    Good point made RJ! 🙂

  26. LostInTranslation said,

    The aftermath of the Mahabharat!!

    Chuck what others do!! Let us do our part and then educate others as well to do theirs!! I guess thats good enough to make this world a better place!!

    3 cheers for the freedom of expression point!! it is very important to express and all the more important to follow the right path!! so the moral of the story is to maintain your morals and care for the earth and hope that street dogs bite all celebs or for that matter anyone who says something and does the other!!

  27. wasshappening said,

    Congrats RJ!..I am Proud of you… 🙂
    Try taking your bags and avoid plastics…This the easiest step….

  28. RJ said,

    @Nees – Thanks for visiting! Probably, we cold be the ones sufferin too since it seems the earth is gonna get warmer by 8-10 degrees in 10-15 years. That’s a lot!

    @Reema – The author i.e me doesn’t want to hear good post. When I start writing any post I keep in mind that I would live with the criticism as much as I would take the compliments. So it’s completely not what you are talking abt “the author”

    Moreover, my point to your 1st comment was it shows too much negation. Irrespective of what the source is to my inspiration, I would consider the inspiration only not the source. I mentioned about it in the blog coz’ it wasn’t any random line. It was spoken in public television, viewed globally and I got inspired to do something about it.

    Last but not the least, any commenter can talk about anything, express their view, like you did, I did! Should I come to a conclusion that “the commenter” likes to hear good things only? Btw, everything we debate doesnt mean war of words!!

    @Poo – Thanks Poo! Next up on my list is saving water! 🙂

    @Soham – I would like to confirm that before leaving 😀 😛 You know abt the one in the hand two in the bush kinda story? 😀

    @San – I know what 😉 Right now, roomie is thinking about pocket guzzler 😀
    Not for Ash 😀

    @Reema – Main apne pe nahi le raha – given you my views on it already!

    @Smallstar – Too many efforts for my blog! I feel elated! Thanks! 🙂

    @Joel – **to grow in the speed of thought** Thank Sandeep for that! 🙂

    @Nik – LOL! I am not even getting there!

    @Saks – Yea! I tried!

    @Lost – Thanks or visiting! Still wondering why you hate celebrities!

  29. RJ said,

    @Bhav – Hieeee da!!! I dont use plastics, we get paper bags! Some stores still use plastic bags but that goes for recycling 🙂 But thanks for that suggestion – perhaps others could use that!

  30. Anu said,

    hey hieee…
    nice post !!! well i too hav done somethin towards this.. we switched off our lights for an hour on 15th december 2007 , when everyone observed a Batti Bandh .. i also make it a point not to waste electricity unnecessarily in every little way i can 🙂

    I think you misunderstood what RJ had to say .. u got it all wrong dear..
    Maybe celebs dont practise what they preach, but their words affect the masses , since they dance to their tunes.. literally !!! 😀

  31. Smallstar said,

    @my lovely king RJ: ahah and I am proud to visit u!! 😛

    *have a lovely day*


  32. Amit said,

    In the house in which I lived in Chennai, I was the sole caretaker of all the energy saving techniques. 😀 I made sure that no light or fans were turned on without any use and the ACs were not switched on when no one was in the room. That helps really. 😀
    You should do more of such excercises. 😛

  33. Nikhil said,

    Chill pill swallow maadi, please…
    No author is looking for pats on the back always… Critiques are more than welcome, and especially when they are so well intended… Anyway, let’s argue about this some place else… 🙂

  34. smallstar said,

    I’m back, darling!! 😀


  35. smallstar said,

    How are you, my lovely Raja? Have a great and nice Tuesday…


  36. wasshappening said,

    Knock knock

  37. Oxy said,

    I ain’t doing any of those things… I guess I will stop wearing clothes.

  38. Nikhil said,

    Are you like alive, dude?

  39. Sakhi said,

    Where are you, RJ? Whats going on?

  40. S said,

    Are you saving energy by not logging on to net???

  41. smallstar said,

    Where are you? I miss ya very much!!! 😥 😦


  42. scorpria said,

    RJ !! Lovely post…yu’ve made me obsessed about this, now…hehe, at every single opportunity, i switch off some light/fan/monitor at office…and am sure i’m getting on others’ nerves 😀 😀 hope i also save myself in the process of saving energy!

    and am sure you have wandered off tu save energy worldwide after posting this…whr are yu, man?? alive still? Being online, on gmail chat, and not responding…doesnt seem a gud way of saving energy…switch off the system, instead 😀 😀 😀

  43. harshasrisri said,

    @RJ : hey man… how come no posts lately…? are u saving up energy for the sake of ur boss who asked you to KISS…? 😉
    Btw, i took a cue from you to save energy and slept without the fan ‘ON’ for three consecutive days… The fourth day i didn’t like the idea and wanted to revert back… but poor me… there was a power cut while i slept and i forgot to keep the switch ‘ON’ just in case the power came back… 😦

  44. Anu said,

    hey rajaaa whr hav u beeen???
    not comin on gtalk, orkut.. not replyin to comments ..
    i even called u up, u didnt answer so i left a voice msg..
    i also sent u an sms but u didnt reply
    something seems to be seriously wrong wid u …

  45. Sandeep R. said,


  46. wasshappening said,

    you started seeing someone or wat?

  47. Reema said,

    @Bhavana Good point!!! 😀

  48. sakhi said,

    arey yeh to meine sochaa hi nahi! 🙂 🙂

    Good thinking bhav! 🙂

  49. wasshappening said,

    I am honored..

  50. RJ said,

    @Anu – Switched off our luights for an hour!! 😀 Big achievement! Btw, yeah Reema always misunderstands me 😉

    @Smallstar – Thanks Smallstar!

    @Amit – We should all do more of such excercises and sure it does help in a own way! Moreover, you feel good about the small time contribution.

    @Nikhil – I think I know this other place 😀

    @Smallstar – Welcome back! I was gone for a while! 😀

    @Bhav – Why knocking? Come on in, the doors open 🙂

    @Oxy – Please do not try such antics in public!! 😛

    @Saks – I am all here, reincarnation as somebody said! 😀

    @S – No that wasn’t the initial plan, remember energy in one form is converted into some other form 😀 I was using the other form of the energy 😛

    @Smallstar – I think I am back!

    @Scorpria – Good you are obsessed 😀

    @Harsha – The posts would follow soon, just took sometime off to do a bit of office work

    @Anu – The only thing thats wrong is too much work & I hate it like that 😛

    @Sandeep – *Echo again*

    @Smallstar – Thanks for the diamond weblogs! Elated!

    @Bhav – I am seeing many people, but nobody cares to return the favour 😀

    @Reema – 🙂

    @Saks – Abhi socha? Kya pata chala?

  51. Reema said,

    I always misunderstand you??????????????????????

  52. RJ said,

    @Reema – LOL! I expected this comment! Too predictable! 😀

  53. megcloud9 said,

    whistle !!!!!! 53 comments ,get back soon buddy

  54. allirekha said,


    back eh ?

  55. Priya said,

    Hey !! What you too bee-zee huh ??

    Come back soon !! 😀 Cheers !! 🙂

  56. Nova said,

    This is a good one RJ

  57. megcloud9 said,

    come back soon 😦 rajaaa

  58. smallstar said,

    RJ!!! So are you back?? I am very happyyy AWWWWW!!

    You have no idea how much I missed youuuuu!!

    *HUG* *HUG* *HUG* *HUG* *HUG* *HUG* *HUG* *HUG*

  59. RJ said,

    @Megs – Heiii, I am here da! 🙂 Where are you?

    @Rekha – I think so! 🙂

    @Priya – Too bee-zee da! I wil take my time out 😀 Hows ya?

    @Nova – Thanks Nova! Foosball yet? 😉

    @Megs – inga dhaan irruken meghana!

    @Smallstar – Aww! I seriously have no idea, but thanks! 🙂

  60. smallstar said,

    @RJ: 😀 lol

  61. slayR said,

    Works for me. And I just changed 4 of my 60W into cooler CFLs. The new refrigerator I got is a 4-star rated one (the max is 5 stars; more the stars, more energy efficient is the appliance and yeah, this is an Indian Energy Efficiency Bureau Rating!)

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