August 4, 2008

Roomie, me & machines

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There’s no other reason to the self-imposed exile than work. Also, neither did I get engaged or got married secretly. It’s been work all while along. Apart from this operose madness, I did something innerving, exhilarating two weeks back and have to share. I test drove cars!! Brand new, luxurious, sporty cars!! This may sound boring to people but it served as a anodyne to my work pain.

The reason behind me getting such an opportunity is my rich bastardrommie wants to spend 40k USD on a sports sedan so that he could improve his driving experience & attract girls 😀 (Roomie – the latter is not happening in a lifetime) The reason I am talking about his driving experience is because he drives a 93 stick shift Corolla, driven 160k miles!! He claims it to be a V6 engine and I doubt that they had all those in olden days 😛

So here was our foolproof plan. I sent out an out of office mail claiming my car broke down and for easier reading we will call my roomie Mr. Ass henceforth in this post. So my roomie oops!..Mr. Ass sent out a migrane day note. We had the day off and the plan was to visit Infiti, BMW, Audi & Acura in that order. Mr. Ass was eyeing Infiniti’s G35, BMW’s 328 xi, Audi A4 & Acura TL. Now, these cars fall under the luxurious category when compared to the regular sedans like Accord, Civic, Altima, Camry, Corolla. We test drove all the 4 cars and realised quiet late that when BMW couldn’t make an impression over the Infiniti the others were way behind. 

My off day went pretty well when I got to drive these machines. There are a million packages you can add to enhance the luxury but the simple thought of limiting your choice was a big learning I would keep in mind while shopping around for car. To choose one from four wasn’t a big deal at all.

What adds luxury is the power, technology, mileage, resale value, maintenance & the class. Infiniti G35 was one up than the rest. An AWD (all wheel drive), V6 engine, 300 hp, 0-60 in 6 secs, navigation system, front heated seats is a sports car with the premium luxury touch. I personally like black colored cars but Mr. Ass had made up his mind on a blue slate with black interiors.  

Mr. Ass – Congratulations on your new G35!


  1. smallstar said,

    Oh, glad to see a your new post!! :mrgreen:

    good testing! 😀 😛

  2. altima said,

    […] Apart from this operose madness, I did something innerving, exhilarating two weeks back and have Nissan Altima Sedan, Altima Hybrid – Nissan USA Official SiteThe 2008 Nissan altima Sedan and […]

  3. harshasrisri said,

    Thats a cool-mean-man-machine…! and 0-60 in 6 secs is too good(for our roads) The mention of V6 AWD engine has made me jealous. Even though i go after bikes, esp cruisers like Harley, and not pretty much into cars, 300hp is a matter of envy! good that u’ve taken such a good break from work :mrgreen:

  4. Sandeep R said,

    Ooh.. cool man..
    when’s he buying porsche then or when are you buying? 😀 😉

    good to see your post..

  5. sakhi said,

    great to see you back.. 🙂 advantages of having “paisewale” roomie!

  6. Nova said,

    Oooooooooooo wow!! I would love to test drive these cars 😀 Waise I thought Audi was way up… its not huh!?

  7. hey, good to see your post 🙂 Hope your work relaxes a bit enough for you to post! 🙂

  8. Anu said,

    happpyyy testinggggg…. ! 😛

  9. Sri said,

    Thanks Buddy

  10. RJ said,

    @Smallstar – Thanks Roberta! Indeed some good testing 🙂

    @Harsha – It was a much needed break & driving was so much fun. Since you are so much interested in machines, we can build one when I come back. 600-700hp? What say? 🙂

    @San – Thanks dude! I don’t like coupes, I might go for a sedan too or a crossover – but that’s end of next year. btw, Porsche is way too exp for me 🙂

    @Nova – Thanks Nova! Yea, very paisewala! If he were a girl, my intentions would have been very inviting 😀

    @Poo – Hieee Poo! I hope the same da! Too much work and too little time for fun 😦

    @Anu – Thanks Anu!

    @Sri aka Mr. Ass – Where’s the treat tonite? 😛

  11. smallstar said,

    @RJ: hey you! Is always a pleasure to read your thought in your post… 😉 and… I haven’t said it before now, but… I really like your way to write!! 😀

  12. smallstar said,

    @RJ: mmh have you changed phone number? Let me know. Thanks.

  13. smallstar said,

    Hey, RJ! I’ll left you my number here, if u want it, ok? 🙂

  14. RJ said,

    @Smallstar – Thanks Roberta! Sure you can leave your number here, thanks again!

  15. megcloud9 said,

    welcome back !

    whistle,mr.ass isnt too much of an ass 🙂 will he take me for a ride if i say “hi” to him thru this post 😛

  16. RJ said,

    @Megs – Thanks da! Try your luck – you never know 🙂

  17. vimal said,

    Thats awesome man! so whens he getting the G35 on the roads?

    Btw, how I wish your boss read this post !!! Buhahahaha!!!!

  18. smallstar said,

    @RJ: mmh but I haven’t ur phone number, right now! 😦

  19. smallstar said,

    I’ve tagged you! 🙂

  20. smallstar said,

    You’ve been tagged…

  21. Sakhi said,

    i think i am not invited on your blog from now on! am i getting the message right?? 😥

  22. Reema said,

    @Sakhi Koi baat nahi dear. come over to mine. 😛 *shameless advertising*

  23. Sakhi said,

    @ Reems

    I am always there at yours! 🙂 🙂

  24. harshasrisri said,

    @RJ : My pleasure! 700hp sounds mindblowing! wanna try a bike with that capacity? 😀

  25. harshasrisri said,

    Wanna see another mean-machine…? chk this link and keep your jaw from dropping off!

  26. Ava said,

    DO girls fall for cars?

  27. RJ said,

    @Vimal – We got it day before. I drove back from the temple & I must say it sails. Whoa! And ass – why do you wish my boss to read the false outta office note? 😀

    @Smallstar – I will send it to you 🙂 I will do tha tag also 🙂 What do I get in return? 😀 😛

    @Saks – Hieeee Saks!! When did I say or write something like that buddy? :-0 Where are you getting these messages from? You are most invited and always invited 🙂

    @Reems – Cheap advertising 😀

    @Harsha – LOL! I dont mind, you sit at the back 😀 😛 Btw, the bike looks heavenly! 507hp – damn!

    @Ava – Thanks for visiting! I don’t know with my roomie if girls fall for cars or not. But in my case, girls fall for nothing 😀 I head the FOSLA! (Failed One Sided Love Association) 😛

  28. smallstar said,

    @RJ: oh thanx!! Beh in return you’ll get…many many sweet messages and comments… 😉

  29. sakhi said,

    U never replied to my comment earlier.. check out ! so i thought u ignored! everybody else was answered… i was the only one left! 😦 😦

    But thanks anyways!

  30. RJ said,

    @Smallstar – 🙂

    @Saks – Oops! My Bad! I missed it 😦 I will never ignore you! Dr – are you fine?

  31. harshasrisri said,

    There is no back seat buddy! one man drive only… and if roads permit, u can travel at half mach speed! its enuf to take the breath away!

  32. RJ said,

    @Harsha – There’s no back seat and that’s exactly the reason I want you to sit thr! HUH!

  33. smallstar said,

    @RJ: *HUG* I adore you, ever more… 🙂

  34. wasshappening said,

    What a day it must have been?
    When will you get yours?

  35. RJ said,

    @Smallstar – 🙂 Thanks Roberta!

    @Bhav – Yea awesome day! I don’t know when I am getting mine 😦 Maybe end of next year..too far to plan or decide!

  36. megcloud9 said,

    u shud buy a bike RJ 😛

  37. smallstar said,

    @RJ: hiye! How are things going? 🙂 *hugs*

  38. Oxy said,

    Aish kar rahe ho beta!!! Lage raho munna…

    Btw, did ya finish ur ITIL?

  39. slayR said,

    Grrr….The other day we had an energy saving post yakking about the thrills of saving energy and replacing ageing incandescent bulbs and today I read mega-reviews on a v6 monster!! Irony no?! or is it cheap thrills. Who nows?

    Kids throw in 40k to make the ozone dent even bigger. Whatever happened to the SMART alternative, Prius, Insight, FCVs et al? Or did it bloat the already swollen budget?!

  40. Priya said,

    40K $ ?? 😮
    Whoaa !!
    You would have had a blast !

  41. R G said,

    Assuming the car does attract the girls, does your roomie have other stuff to keep them interested? 🙂

  42. Nikhil said,

    I’m stuck with a dirty old Bajaj bike! Bah! Unfair life!

  43. Smallstar said,

    I miss you, jaaneman!!
    How are you?


  44. Smita said,

    Found & lost yet again 😀

  45. Nikhil said,

    Where the fuck to you disappear to, man? 😀

  46. RJ said,

    @Megs – Whats the bonus I would get? 😛

    @Smallstar – Hiyaa back! All well, how about ya?

    @Oxy – Not yet 😦

    @SlayR – It’s just about the car 😀 Mine will be a hybrid – chill!

    @Priya – I had a mega blast buddy!

    @RG – Thanks for visiting! I am not convinced that car attracts girls & more so I dont know about what other stuff you are talking about 😛

    @Nik – 😛 Bike is cooler buddy!

    @Smallstar – I am well 🙂

    @Smitha – & found again 😛

    @Nik – I wish! 😀

  47. smallstar said,

    @RJ: I am well, too! 🙂

  48. smallstar said,

    @RJ: I am happy to have met ya… You are sweet and adorable…

    How are ur days going? *hug*

  49. Priti said,

    Goodness! So much money to buy a car… and that too to attract girls! Kya roomie hai! Lol

  50. RJ said,

    @Priti – I am afraid that’s not happening 😀

  51. Priti said,

    Aiyo! So thousands of dollars paani mein… My sympathies with him 😛 lol

  52. escream said,

    I like Mr. Ass already! i have been eyeing infiniti G-37 coupe for myself! but alas! i have settled for a Scion tC 😦 I test drove all of those gaddis too…just to realize that it’s way outta my budget 😦
    congrats mr roomie (not mr Ass nemore 😉 …after his priced possession!)…


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