August 15, 2008

60 & moving forward!

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A feeling haunted me when I watched Swades. The same feeling haunted me when some of my friends back in India said, “RJ, I never want to leave India and work abroad. I want to do something here.” One of my other friends left his lucrative job and opened a startup in Mumbai. It’s an inner feeling that questions me all the time. “Do you really want to work with these whites for them or work for the brown back in India?” (The assumption is usage of white, black or brown won’t be considered racist and is used in a non-offending manner)  The inner self had no answers, moreover I liked working here because of the experience I got and working in a global cosmo environment helped me grow professionally and personally.

I am not a stolid kind of person and feel very close and emotional about August 15th. I feel excited also as the India newspaper read “Deepika Padukone to lead I-day parade in New York” Whoa! I screamed out loud, “Deepika aarahi hain..yeah!” It was all a plethora of mixed reactions inside me. “What am I doing here?…quick money…do something for India …Aditya’s startup…Indians aboard…Deepika….India…green card…Phew!” Amidst all these reactions a new heading captured my attention. It was something like this “Manmohan says Indian diaspora an inspiration” It also felt, “Lauding the contributions of the Indian diaspora, who number some 25 million in over 130 countries, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Friday said they were a source of “inspiration” for their country of origin.” Inspiration! Damn! The PM also stated we are India’s unofficial ambassadors. Those made me feel somewhat good the reactions still in my mind going on. “Deepika…What am I doing here…no Ranbir…wow…India..Independence Day………”

We have come a long way with regards to information technology, infrastructure, science, swanky malls & even standard of living. The mid 20s, early 30s is earning more than their parent’s joint income annually. Moreover, no foreign country gives me the mouth watering roadside pani puri wala! Having said all of this, I was wondering where are we lacking and where we have to get eventually.

Is it the politicians? Illiterate folks? Ignorance of the literate folks? Education system? Community based decisions? Population? or something called an attitude which reads “Responsible Indian”

Give me you views and opinions and let’s all get together to take India to the next level. Let’s start with the next 5 years. What are the things that should happen in the next 5, 15, 20 years? Speak out!

Happy Independence Day


  1. Priya said,

    Yay! You’re back! Again!
    Now I’ll the post and come back in! 😀

  2. Priya said,

    read the post*

  3. Priya said,

    In the next 5 years, I want my country to be the most green nation ever. I want every kid to be educated.I want to see more ‘high-profile’ and ‘high-earning’ people Giving Back to India.
    In the next 10 years, I want to see more youngsters enter politics and try to ‘change the system’. I want to see more role-models emerge from my country and be a source of inspiration to the millions.
    In the next 20 years, I want India to be a major force at the Olympics. I want India to bag as many golds in All sports. I want to see every kid on the block, practice atleast one sport out of the hundreds existing.
    I hope that one day, we too host Olympics here! Imagine the change that will happen! There’ll be better infrastructure, beter facilities and everything. Everything will be so “developed”.
    In the next 20 years, I want to hear people calling India as a DEVELOPED nation and not a DEVELOPING one.

    And yeah, I hope to see you back in India atleast after 5-6 years! Lets see!

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  5. Sandeep R. said,

    I too watched Swades, may be for Nth time.
    I don’t wanna say anything more.

  6. slayR said,


  7. Su said,

    5, 10, 15, or 20 years… i want India to become a complete nation in all respects. and the starting points for the cleaning job shud be politics and corruption…

  8. Oxy said,

    Yawn, Yawn, Yawn…. U know why I am yawning? Not cuz I am feeling Sleepy, and not cuz the topic you wrote on is un-interesting but cuz ….. ah, guess and I will speak more

  9. RJ said,

    @Pri – Yea! kinda back 🙂 Whoa! I like your comment more than my post! Electric! And you don’t have to wait 5 yrs to see me – I will be back soon 🙂

    @Su – Thanks!

    @San – Don’t wanna say? Maybe your comments are inspirational – don’t wanna try? 🙂 You know what I mean, mister jelly bean?!! 😀

    @slayR – I hope the change (in vertical format) is soon

    @Su – I agree. Let’s start somewhere! Now!

    @Oxy – Yawning back! 🙂 I don’t write topics! 😛

  10. Nikhil said,

    You’re back! Welcome, macha! Missed you!
    Happy Independence Day to you too! I watched the video Mile Sur Mera Tumhara today and felt a warm fuzzy felling of pride… It’s amazing! 😀

    And stop drooling over Deepika Padukone… She’s too tall! 😀

  11. allirekha said,

    Yeah !Vande mataram!

    Happy independence day 🙂

  12. wasshappening said,

    Happy independence day!
    I watched swades on 15th August…Loved it!
    5,10,15, 20 years no matter how many years come…I want India to be the best example of a nation one can give…I dont want to blame the government for all the right/wrong things….Hope everybody in India is educated enough to select the right leaders

  13. Priya said,

    @ RJ : Electric ?! Thanks !! And good to hear that you’ll be back soon.

    Bhavana’s comment reminds me of the status mesg my friend had on gtalk yesterday…

    It said :

    ” 61 Years Of Independence And We’re Still Dependent On Everything !! Including The Government !! ”

    I’ll never forget this !! 😀

  14. Joel said,

    Interesting post RJ 🙂

    Well, in the next 5 years I want the Indian politics to vanish away. I mean, I would like India to be ruled by the president and remove all the political parties…Well, if these politicians are first moved aside then everything will be alright. Everything will go right in a track. It’s like India being a politically-free-country!

    Also if this happens, list out the points by yourself and see what all the changes that could happen! You could recieve COMPLETE FREEDOM which we the common people actually don’t have yet! (But the politicians have it)

    P.S I know this might not be possible….but I guess this is the best solution!

  15. Joel said,

    And BTW, forgot to mention, Happy Independence Day (sorry for the delay 🙂 )

  16. Amit said,

    I want a simple thing. I don’t want any traffic jams. That’s it. 😐

  17. Anu said,

    I think its the politicians.. they should change all of em.. they are the cause of everything…

    btw, how r u ???? its been a long time..

  18. Prarthana said,

    India needs someone to put their hands up and lead from the front! 😛
    Something like cricket….
    All of us can do stuff, no point pin-pointing at others all the time

    ‘Nuff said!!

    Vande matharam!

    P.S Swades: beautiful film
    And one more thing, I like the way you write 😛

  19. Suda said,

    Making our Sanvidhaan took few years for most talented people. Do you honestly think we can just think out aloud what we want in 5,10, 15 yrs and pray/try it will happen?
    It need analysis, study and much more work. And that too with competence and no corruption.
    I know what I want my country (sorry I mean *our country*) to become in coming years, but I would rather think about my part in it deeply than just hoping too much.


    happy 62nd Independence Year.

  20. Nova said,

    I want us to be independent financially and socially!!! I would like the Kashmir issue to be resolved in the next five years, so that we can leave it behind and move ahead!!

  21. I would want to educate the kids of this country foremost. With that, we can fight poverty as well.

  22. Sakhi said,

    happy independence day to you too!

  23. smallstar said,

    *welcome back, my adorable RJ!!! 😀 🙂 *

    HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY! (sorry if I am late)

    awww I am really happy happy happy to see you! I don’t believe in my eyes, maybe am I dreaming?? WOWWW NO! You are really back! 😀

    *HOT HUGS*

  24. vimal said,

    In the years to come, I wish India would become a safer place to live in. I would wish if India would have just two – three political parties (otheriwse we would lose out the fun that we call ‘elections’ 😀 ), stringent laws and faster judgement, literate being responsible, eradictaing illiteracy, bridge the economical balance between the poor and the rich, …there are so many to key in.

    Vande mataram !

  25. Sandeep R said,

    I might have contra plans 😛

  26. RJ said,

    @Nik – Glad to hear that macha! Btw, the tall Deeps as I lovongly call her likes me short 😀

    @Rekha – Thanks Rekha! Wish you the same!

    @Bhav – Hieeee da! What to do if we don’t have right leaders? So 1st we got to make them and then select – damn too much work to do 🙂

    @Priya – Supercool comment! Electric again! 🙂

    @Joel – I partially agree and partially disagree! I don’t think it only the politcal parties that is putting us back. It’s also the attitude of people – More than the feeling of “My country is India” – it has to be “I am Indian and its my responsibility to take care of it”

    @Amit – 😀 I can really see the frustation due to traffic jams 🙂

    @Anu – It’s not the politicians. What have you done on your part?

    Btw, I am well – thanks for asking!

    @Prarthana – Thanks for visiting! Vande Matharam! 🙂

    @Suda – Not pray – but we can try!

    @Nova – Agreed! You have an idea?

    @Poo – Agreed! Do you help the cause in anyway?

    @Saks – 🙂

    @Smallstar – Very warm i.e 😛

    @Vimal – You made a point – stringent laws! We have laws already but the point is they are not stringent enough and always has a solution to get away with it. Hmmm?!!

    @San – Is it? We would like to hear 🙂

  27. smallstar said,

    @RJ: you deserve all the best!! 😀

  28. Nikhil said,

    Your blog has been felicitated here 😀

  29. For starters, come back to India! Sitting there, honestly, it is a toughie!! There are tons of things to be done, and more hands means support to do concrete stuff!!

    P.S – you might be interested in checking out

    But, if i may add.. I think we should not have celebrated Independence Day when Kashmir is still an issue.. when poverty is still on the rise.. when corruption is still fueling the government.. I mean, give me one issue that has reduced! The country has just got richer, in comparison.. but, money does not solve all the issues.. and if we look a little deeper, it is infact creating a lot many more issues..

  30. RJ said,

    @Nik – Thanks Nik! Try and get it to Peoples mag and let Angelina comment on it 😀 😛 *I will send her flowers if you want :D*

    @Aparna – Thanks for visiting Aparna! I completely second your thoughts! I am mid way into something and would be sometime before I start working in India. I agree there are a lot of pressing issues but that shouldnt stop us from celebrating – if you go to see we have still come a long way and that needs some celebrations, haina? 🙂

  31. Smita said,


    Belated Happy Independence day…

    Where do i wanna see the country in coming years????

    No comments on that 🙂

  32. Smita said,

    Happy Independence day 😀

    Don’t be surprised with me missing “belated” we are independent even now, hai na???

    As far as what I want to see my country as hmmmm no comment….

    Kehna se sab thode hota hai, better to work on it in our own capacities & show the result, wt say?

  33. RJ said,

    @Smita – So how are you working in your capacity? Let us know that 🙂

  34. Smita said,

    😦 you have hit a soft nerve their.

    The biggest regret that I have in my life is that I keep talking about wt shud be done for our country but I have never contributed in it.

  35. mysoundingboard123 said,

    Nostalgia and feeling of longingness for ones country are becoming very common these days… India is a great country but the youth is not too sure whether they want to stay here or head for greener pastures abroad…
    Lot can be improved in the country if we stop just speaking what needs to be done and actually start working on doing it 😀

  36. Mugunth said,

    “The mid 20s, early 30s is earning more than their parent’s joint income annually.” – But what happened to Indian Currency?
    7.5 Rs = 1 USD in 1970 (
    50 Rs = 1 USD now
    30 years 7 fold inflation.
    Fuel prices also raised proportionally. 2 rs or so in 1970 to 55 Rs now.
    Basically, it’s all the same. Your parents earned 1000$ in 1970s, and this generation mid 20s earn around the same. As such, Purchasing power hasn’t gone up.

    Nothing is going to change in India… 20 yrs or 200 yrs.

  37. Lally said,

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