October 27, 2008

After a long time away!

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Hello everybody! Missed ya all!

I have no explanations for my self imposed exile, but like always everything happens for a reason. I have been travelling a lot past few months and I had a bunch of odds and sods left over to take care during my non-writing phase. So what’s new? I have listed down things I would like to get done and I am not a victim of desire. This is in no particular order but I would like the last one to happen at the end. Here it goes:

  1. Open a restaurant, very chic in style!
  2. Learn to whistle
  3. Deliver a non-political, non-preachy speech to a large group of people abt something and they are all amazed, loads of applause, wow murmurs etc doing its rounds
  4. Learn any kind of dance form
  5. Write n publish a book
  6. Learn to blow a bubblegum
  7. Buy a house and all electronic products should be wireless. Absolutely no wires seen!
  8. Start a start-up
  9. Taste all cuisines in the world
  10. Learn to fly a kite
  11. Sit in the cockpit with the pilot and enjoy the experience
  12. Write a script and screenplay for a movie
  13. Drive in the Autobahn
  14. Be a bartender in Mauritius for a week – *just for kicks*
  15. Create my family tree starting 5 generations back
  16. Fart in a crowded place and pretend like nothing happened
  17. Donate a bench to a public park and get my name engraved on it. The bench stays there till the end of the world. (If the engraving is a bit too much, I would just write “RJ was here” with a permanent marker!!)
  18. Learn a foreign language, probably Russian or German
  19. To meet my dream girl in the most filmy way (at the train station, she drops her books, I help her & rest you see is 30 secs of battering eyelashes :D)
  20. To have washboard abs (We recently had a seminar on “how to not set unrealistic expectations?”
  21. I want to skydive and I know I am getting closer to the next one
  22. To die without pain

Okay! Here’s the deal. I haven’t started working on any of these as yet. I have no plans laid yet, but I will. You guys know what you have to do – let me see your bucket list!

By the way, I just checked the first look of Ghajini and I am speechless. Take a look.