October 27, 2008

After a long time away!

Posted in Uncategorized at 10:43 pm by RJ

Hello everybody! Missed ya all!

I have no explanations for my self imposed exile, but like always everything happens for a reason. I have been travelling a lot past few months and I had a bunch of odds and sods left over to take care during my non-writing phase. So what’s new? I have listed down things I would like to get done and I am not a victim of desire. This is in no particular order but I would like the last one to happen at the end. Here it goes:

  1. Open a restaurant, very chic in style!
  2. Learn to whistle
  3. Deliver a non-political, non-preachy speech to a large group of people abt something and they are all amazed, loads of applause, wow murmurs etc doing its rounds
  4. Learn any kind of dance form
  5. Write n publish a book
  6. Learn to blow a bubblegum
  7. Buy a house and all electronic products should be wireless. Absolutely no wires seen!
  8. Start a start-up
  9. Taste all cuisines in the world
  10. Learn to fly a kite
  11. Sit in the cockpit with the pilot and enjoy the experience
  12. Write a script and screenplay for a movie
  13. Drive in the Autobahn
  14. Be a bartender in Mauritius for a week – *just for kicks*
  15. Create my family tree starting 5 generations back
  16. Fart in a crowded place and pretend like nothing happened
  17. Donate a bench to a public park and get my name engraved on it. The bench stays there till the end of the world. (If the engraving is a bit too much, I would just write “RJ was here” with a permanent marker!!)
  18. Learn a foreign language, probably Russian or German
  19. To meet my dream girl in the most filmy way (at the train station, she drops her books, I help her & rest you see is 30 secs of battering eyelashes :D)
  20. To have washboard abs (We recently had a seminar on “how to not set unrealistic expectations?”
  21. I want to skydive and I know I am getting closer to the next one
  22. To die without pain

Okay! Here’s the deal. I haven’t started working on any of these as yet. I have no plans laid yet, but I will. You guys know what you have to do – let me see your bucket list!

By the way, I just checked the first look of Ghajini and I am speechless. Take a look.


  1. Sandeep R said,

    hey dude.. how you doin?
    Check out my latest post, inspired from your list 😛

  2. smallstar said,

    Hiii my lovely, dear, sweet, adorable, nice and funny RJ!!! You have no idea how much I missed you!!! ❤ ❤

    how are you?


  3. megcloud9 said,

    welcome back !

    “Fart in a crowded place and pretend like nothing happened” Effect of reading Nikhil’s blogs too often !

    Btw flying a kite is easy man 🙂 I’ve done it once @ the beach on Chennai

  4. RJ said,

    @San – Checked n commented!

    @Smallstar – I am doing well Roberta! Thanks!

    @Megs – I haven’t been reading anyone’s blogs past few months. But I am sure Nik would want something like this to happen too 😛

    I havent listed the difficult things here – I just listed the things I need to learn/do 😛

  5. smallstar said,

    Glad to know that u are doing well… 🙂

    I just hope that our situation (maybe you remember what I am talking about… 😉 ) is not changed for you… I want to you well, (more than what u think… <3)


  6. Poonam said,

    I am also creating this list of 100 things I want to do before I die. I am amazed how I find similarities with lists created by other people. We share these similarities:

    kite flying, book publishing, screenplay for movie and genealogy map. 🙂

    Hope we both fulfill these wishes. 🙂

  7. Nova said,

    Hey Happy Diwali 🙂

    A good collection… My bucket list is in the form of category called Wishlist 🙂

  8. Priya said,

    Guess Whos Back ?!!
    Guess Whos Back ?!!
    Guess Whos Back ?!!
    Guess Whos Back ?!!
    Guess Whos Back ?!!
    Guess Whos Back ?!!
    Guess Whos Back ?!!
    Guess Whos Back ?!!
    Guess Whos Back ?!!
    Guess Whos Back ?!!

  9. Priya said,

    Your Bucket List Rocks !!

    ~Learn to whistle
    ~Learn to blow a bubblegum
    HAHAHA !! Too Goood this is !!

  10. escream said,

    I am with you on “learn to whistle” and “*Start* a start-up”
    i mean i feel bad whne on himesh’s entry in karzzzZ (with long hair and all), all i can do is shout fuiifuii instead of the actual whistle 😦

  11. Nikhil said,

    Guess Whos Back ?!!
    Guess Whos Back ?!!
    Guess Whos Back ?!!
    Guess Whos Back ?!!
    Guess Whos Back ?!!
    Guess Whos Back ?!!
    Guess Whos Back ?!!
    Guess Whos Back ?!!
    Guess Whos Back ?!!
    Guess Whos Back ?!!

  12. Prarthana said,

    Guess Whos Back ?!!
    Guess Whos Back ?!!
    Guess Whos Back ?!!
    Guess Whos Back ?!!
    Guess Whos Back ?!!
    Guess Whos Back ?!!
    Guess Whos Back ?!!
    Guess Whos Back ?!!
    Guess Whos Back ?!!
    Guess Whos Back ?!!

  13. megcloud9 said,

    boring boring theme ! ! !

  14. wasshappening said,

    Oh! Look Who posted?
    Glad to see you back(LIKE i am posting everyday:p)
    Funny Bucket list…
    you dont know how to blow a bubblegum???che!

  15. Su said,

    i too feel like joinin Priya and Nikhil in the chorus… 😉
    welcome bk dude… and whr had u been? busy compiling the bucket list eh? 😛 good collection tho!

  16. Priti said,

    Good collection…. I am picking a few to add to my list…. 🙂

  17. scorpria said,

    Guess Whos Back ?!!
    Guess Whos Back ?!!
    Guess Whos Back ?!!
    Guess Whos Back ?!!
    Guess Whos Back ?!!
    Guess Whos Back ?!!
    Guess Whos Back ?!!
    Guess Whos Back ?!!
    Guess Whos Back ?!!
    Guess Whos Back ?!!


    And learn tu whistle n blow a bubblegum? seriously? Learn??? You don’t know? seriously? Learn? Bah! :,

  18. Arnold said,


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  19. Bina said,

    Lol..it would be really creepy if the last one happened at any point before the end:-P

  20. Nova said,

    You wrote this blog exactly a year ago… where have you been buddy?

  21. Oleg said,


    Are You Indian? Are You traveler? Have You ever been in Europe… for exemple – in Poland? 🙂

    (sorry for my poor English, but my native language is Polish)

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    Greetings from Poland!

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